Monday, March 28, 2011

MINA 米娜马来西亚国际中文版

This is a short post♥Just wanna share the photos of Mina magazine's shooting to all of you.
Did you buy the latest Mina Magazine of March?Pow!This was my first time be the Mina model's girl.I super love the make up and the hairstyle.They are very professional.Beside that,I'm glad to meet the new friends here,they called Susie and Ashley.
♥The cover of the Mina magazine.
 ♥Felt so proud cause my photos occupied the whole page.
♥Another models of that day,Susie and Ashley.

MAC Wonder Woman collection for spring 2011 has landed and what a sight she is!
 Wonder woman Penultimate Eye Liner RM80.It is super size and looked like Marker Pen, but it able to draw a wonderful fine eyeliner!Love this so much ya!




Xiaocai Phoemi ^^V said...

我都有看mina的~~没想到这个是你哦 ~~
我还以为是 台湾的人还是日本的XD

babychery said...

very great to see u at magazine,i want at the magazine also very hard。。u done it very well。。

Anonymous said...

hi, i wan to know where can buy the Wonder woman Penultimate Eye Liner?

KARMAN 三文鱼 said...

mina 不容易上也~~恭喜~!

Anonymous said...

how can u do tat??