Thursday, April 28, 2011

Movida Bar Lounge,1st Anniversary Party♥

Its time for some updates about Movida Bar Lounge 1st anniversary party @Sunway Giza Mall held a free flow beer and food event conjunction for 1st anniversary year.It was by invitation,as in there's an invitational card prepared beforehand.Thanks Jeannie's friend for passed the card to me;)I had waited and prepared at Jeannie house after knock off.

We're late arrived the Sunway Giza arond after 9.30pm cause we're being blocked by police when on the way to destination.I met a lot of new friends on that night,it really great to meet them.Movida had sealed off hte area,and food served buffet style.The food was great It crowed and hard to get the food.Beside that,the performance began.Regretfully,I didn't take any photo cause I didn't bring my camera to go there.T.T.All the photos copy from Facebook.
The guys.
Kodori and Kmaey.
CKS and me !
Kmaey,Jeannie,Grace,and yumi.

After that,we moved to Zouk for second round and nice to meet Vanessa.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011




Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ipoh,I'm coming soon ♥

早安喲,4點多就爬起身起身刷牙了!待會將會去Tambum Lost World@Ipoh!還蠻期待這次的兩天一夜的旅行!^^怡保有什麼好吃的東西啊?




Saturday, April 23, 2011

Newest hair colour ♥

17th April 2011,再次跟@dd family一起出街啦!我先載Kyan和Stephy。很倒霉的,我的車在半路中又壞了,走到一半發現車的冷氣熱熱的,發現水滾了!我立刻停在一旁call daddy來接我。真的很崩潰一下。發現Kyan真的是個很厲害的女孩,我心很著急,但他卻一直安慰我=)

很平安地停車在LOT 10,我和Vic Guan 先到A-Saloon @Farenheit 染頭髮。
我還是第一次到Saloon 染頭髮,好幾次都是朋友幫我染的。 A-Saloon 有五星級的服務,三星級的價錢。而且,裡面有個很TOP的髮型師,叫做Taka,他來自沙撈越,在日本學習髮型,我頭髮的顏色也是他幫我染出來的,效果很不錯,還蠻喜歡的,人又很大方!他會很多日韓系的髮型喲!

Vic Guan。笑到我肚子痛...
接著,我們就趕去終極天王當陪審團了。Shah Alam的路程看起來很遙遠,但是還蠻順利的=)
我們停在油車站等Henry 買MCD 給我們吃 
Kyan and Henry.
Kyan,Henry,Yahuan and Esther.
Ys Queen,Pkay Lai,Vic Guan and Kmaey.
Ys Queen and Pkay.
Vic Guan and Kmaey。這就是我們染出來的效果啦!有沒有變漂亮?勇源他染的顏色很特別,青金黃?我也不是很清楚,不過你們也可以到A-Saloon尋找一個叫Esther的髮型師(不是additor的esther),是位女生,是他幫他染的=)

Henry,Kmaey,Pkay Lai,and Yahuan.後面一排則有Ys and Esther.
Ys and Esther.
Kmaey & Pkay
接著,YS早回家了。我們到SK food court吃宵夜。我們幾乎每次都在這兒喝茶,也許風景很漂亮吧!我ordered了雅寶雞飯,蠻好吃的!大家都好餓的感覺,最近我好餓,但卻吃不多,勇源最後都幫我吃完了。Yahuan最近很愛講冷笑話,每次講的時候都有烏鴉飛過...哈哈!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Roving Team-Mint Magazine ♥

13th &14th April 2011,I followed Mint Magazine's staff for the roving team arrived a few of colleges.We're represented mint magazine to promote HTC smart phone,Esprit watch and 17 saloon.So,you will see that we wear a white uniform for 17 saloon restaurant and Esprit watch,a car for Mint magazine.I will share some photos about these two days.

Thr first destination,KBU Bandar Utama.We need to collect data and help them to take photos.

The second desitination- Segi College (Kota Damansara).We stayed there around 30min cause the hot weather.The sunlight was so intense in that place and I tanned in one day.OMG!!!!

In the next morning,we're heading to Inti College.Nice to meet a new friend,Ainy.She is a Nyx's replcament on this day.Enjoyed with Inti's students cause they're very friendly,
Suphie,Ainy,Kmaey and Jeannie 
1...2...3.....Chik Cha
I was hardworking through these photos you could see that 
I was happy cause they know who I am
Teatime @ Asia Cafe.

After brunch,we're moved to Taylor college.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Roadshow-Cruiser at Colleges

I received a email from HTC jobs on yesterday.I will attend colleges to promote HTC SMART PHONE at KL and PJ area.We will give out goodies bag,help students in colleges to take pictures,collect students info.Hoping all colleges students will support us.The time is 11am to 3pm ya!

The latest schedule.

KBU Bandar Utama
Segi College (kota Damansara)

Inti College (ss15)
Taylors College (ss15)

Monash College (Sunway)
Sunway College (Sunway)

Utar (PJ)
KDU College (Damansara)

Taylors College - lakeside campus (Sunway)
The One Academy

TARC (Setapak)
Han Xing (Cheras)
In House Multimedia


Furthermore,please don't forget vote my video at Mint's magazine page (FACEBOOK).I join a competition and made a video about HTC's benefits.I will get a lastest HTC smartphone if I win in this competition.I hope that you all could support me ya!!I really want to change a new phone right now!

How to support my video??
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I need you support!Thanks to all!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Badmintion and Movie session.

10th April 2011,I had a badminton session with Esther,Vic Guan,Henry,Yahuan at Bukit Serdang.I fetch Henry at Serdang Ktm in the morning and waiting for esther them at my home.I enjoyed with them when we made a competition.Henry and Yahuan VS Vic guan and Kmaey.Its so fun but finally we're lost (11/10) because of Vic Guan is not serious when the game was started.

Took some pictures when I was resting.
Vic Guan and Henry.
 Yahuan and Esther.
Its so nice badminton session like this and we should have more of these together.I promise myself should do more exercise to recover my healthy body.Felt so healthy after playing badminton,but I realized sharp pain in my pelvic bone.

After that,they came to my home bath ahead as we need to prepare for movie session at Times square.We had a dinner at Kim Gary@Times Square.
 Vic Guan.
 Esther and Vic Guan.Before go in the cinema.
Vic Guan always be my camera model.
 Kmaey and Esther.Esther looks so cute!
 Kmaey and Vic Guan.
 Kmaey and Yahuan.

We watched Source code around 7.30pm.According to the information from internet,Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a decorated army helicopter pilot whose last memory is of his recent mission in Afghanistan, flying with his team while taking on enemy gunfire...(read more).Its movie touched but I was not concentrated in this movie cause my body still very pain .

After that,we watched the second movie,Dilarang masuk.It was my first time watched Melayu movie and it not bad.A movie about a few of friends are lost while jungle-trekking through the foggy hills.They stayed at bungalow in the middle for nowhere.Well,they're forced to seek shelter for the night.

Had a yumcha session after finished movie at Cheras.Had a nice day with them.The newest Add magazine is coming soon.Remember support it!