Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new year! ♥

新年快樂 在2010年的最後一天 我跟朋友發生了很不愉快的事情 咳!不知道大家對"好朋友的定義"是什麼或有什麼想法。不過說真的 這個名詞對我來說 很難去定義 因為每個人 每一位 都有不一樣的想法與認知 在你的心裡 覺得什麼才叫做好朋友?

我唯有遺憾的,12月份帶給我有喜 有樂 也有哀 不知道你們有沒有發現 我一路來都帶著一個水晶手鏈 它是我姐姐送給我的生日禮物 無可否認 它的確陪伴了我有一段時間 我也認為它也帶給我好運 可惜的是 它現在竟然某一條線斷了 感覺好像災難來了 無論在什麼方面上都樣樣不順利 好無助的感覺 明天我決定去修理回 希望新的一年它依然可以帶給我好運吧!

同時即將跟2010年說再見了 2011年歡迎你的來臨 我對未來的路很無方向感 我想讀書 可是我不知道要讀什麼 我是個三分鐘熱度的人 最近很多人都問我以後要做什麼 說真的我真的不知道 我不想去想 但我應該會去讀書先吧 畢竟現在的社會競爭力很強 沒有一張文憑在手 我真的不知道要拿什麼出來社會 因為我沒有才藝 我什麼都不會 有人建議我去做麻豆 有人建議我去做空中小姐 但不知為何都不是我想要的

咳 我真的很無助!怎樣辦好?

Monday, December 27, 2010

Tiktik's birthday party 07'09'2010

7th September 2010,after shooting I celebrated Tiktik's 18th birthday party at Library on which located The Curve.No doubt,I love their environment,felt so romantic=)I realized I didn't take much photos ,because I too tired on that day.

Fuitheng,xtin lim and me

After that,we moved to eewaka house for gossip and drinking.I was drunk and felt very headache when on the way back home.However.I had a fun on that night!

A quick post here!Stay tuned=)

Behind of the scenes of the @dd magazine vol.7

7th September 2010,I attended @dd magazine cover shooting of the vol.7.The theme of this cover is 《畢業禮の紀念號》.Well,all form 5's @ddols must be present at the shooting.I felt very honoured that the venue of shooting at the secondary school in Malaysia.The mainly is because I have never heard of students wear Malaysia's school uniform and shooting in the secondary school same with us before.Most of the Malaysia's students considered that uniforms cut down on individuality.But after this shooting, I felt in love with my school uniform cause it actually not too bad .Arhahaha!!It represents the characteristics of Malaysia for many years,including my mom's high school life also wear the same school uniform with me.

Well,I will complete this post very fast because this post saved at my drafts for long time ago.

We prepared at the @dd magazine's company around 5.00am.♥

Then we moved to SMK Datok Lokman and started shooting.♥

This school very special because you could see the mirror at any corner.It makes us more convenient when the hair is messed up or the we did not moved to toilet again and again.Love it!

Shooting in the class ♥I felt very warm while all form 5 addols in the same class.

Outdoor shooting

We changed jogging suit and shooting the last part.

Eewaka and me!

Now,I shared some pictures on that day to all of you!

coming soon ---behind of the scenes of the @dd magazine vol.8


@dder可以通过订购(邮购)方式,填妥表格,列列明要购买第几期的@dd,连同足够的Wang Pos寄至以下地址......


No.317, Jalan Mahkota, Taman Maluri Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.