Monday, December 27, 2010

Behind of the scenes of the @dd magazine vol.7

7th September 2010,I attended @dd magazine cover shooting of the vol.7.The theme of this cover is 《畢業禮の紀念號》.Well,all form 5's @ddols must be present at the shooting.I felt very honoured that the venue of shooting at the secondary school in Malaysia.The mainly is because I have never heard of students wear Malaysia's school uniform and shooting in the secondary school same with us before.Most of the Malaysia's students considered that uniforms cut down on individuality.But after this shooting, I felt in love with my school uniform cause it actually not too bad .Arhahaha!!It represents the characteristics of Malaysia for many years,including my mom's high school life also wear the same school uniform with me.

Well,I will complete this post very fast because this post saved at my drafts for long time ago.

We prepared at the @dd magazine's company around 5.00am.♥

Then we moved to SMK Datok Lokman and started shooting.♥

This school very special because you could see the mirror at any corner.It makes us more convenient when the hair is messed up or the we did not moved to toilet again and again.Love it!

Shooting in the class ♥I felt very warm while all form 5 addols in the same class.

Outdoor shooting

We changed jogging suit and shooting the last part.

Eewaka and me!

Now,I shared some pictures on that day to all of you!

coming soon ---behind of the scenes of the @dd magazine vol.8


@dder可以通过订购(邮购)方式,填妥表格,列列明要购买第几期的@dd,连同足够的Wang Pos寄至以下地址......


No.317, Jalan Mahkota, Taman Maluri Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I am checking this blog using the phone and this appears to be kind of odd. Thought you'd wish to know. This is a great write-up nevertheless, did not mess that up.

- David

Jasmine said...

u guys needa preparw the chothes for urself? or they prepare it? itz looks odd ...?