Monday, September 20, 2010

★Sweets Holidays★

My sweet holidays were Officially ended.A lot of interesting happening in these holidays and I'm quite satisfied.I think I will write down those posts after trial or after SPM.Whatever these things was gone for a long time.I just wanna keep the fun in that day and so on so that I can reread back and remember those memories for my future.

1)Countdown Merdeka's day at Genting Hilglands with my family.

3)Behind the scenes of @dd magazine vol.6

2)@dd's magazine's audition modeling activity.

4)Til tik's Birthday party at Library,The curve.

5)Wedding dinner with IMP group.

6)Amelia's birthday party

Trial examination is started from this Thursday,23th September until 11th October of 2010.The first subject is Bahasa Melayu.After trial exam I will be facing on the big exam,SPM!Hope I can do well in this Trial.I am trying to keep away my blog from my view,I think success a little bit!At least I didn't updated for a few weeks!Oh my god!!Hope the time can pass faster!

Friday, September 10, 2010


2.44am now
Hello peeps!Do you miss me??I'm very sorry to all of you cause I had long time didn't update my blog.Yup,I had no much time to blog!!Currently,I'm fight with my future and study hard for my SPM.So,I'm will be less and less come here!Well,I'm fine here.

Wish me luck and wish you luck too=)
Sleep time now,goodbye!Night all=)IMY ♥