Sunday, October 28, 2012

Eason Chan coming to TARC!!

Good news to all Eason Chan's fan out there! Eason Chan will be coming to our college on next Wednesday!

Below are the details of the event:

Eason Chan showcase 
Date : 31st October 2012
Time : 8 PM
Venue : TAR College, Setapak KL

In collaboration with Tunetalk, Pendrive and Galaxy Group, Universal Music Malaysia will be bringing in Eason to promote his new release album <…3mm> on 31 October 2012 (Wednesday), 8pm at Sports Complex, Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Setapak.

As we know Eason is love to share his life experience with his beloved fans, this showcase will be focusing on the involvement of Eason in sharing his thought about his new album, exchanging ideas with his long awaited fans. Besides that, fans are getting the chance to enjoy this precious moment again with Eason after his DUO Live Concert in Malaysia last year. 

<…3mm> is about three married men which referring to Eason, Eric Kwok and Jerald. According to Eason, <…3mm> is the continue version of which produced 6 years ago with the help of Swing and now Eason, Eric Kwok and Jerald is together again for this <…3mm> production. <…3mm> is a ‘money cannot buy’ album where each song in this album is featuring a special theme.

For more information about Eason 3mm sharing session, you may stay tune or visit Universal Music Malaysia Chinese Facebook Page or call 03-7958 7433 (Ext. 102/205)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I miss my blog


Hey guys!! How are you recently? I decided to come back to this wonderful place after almost one year of inactivity on my blog. Wow! It’s been a while since I really last updated my blog. I have thought for a long time that how to start an opening right now. khemm....

In this morning, I was browsing through some old posts. It made me realize how much the time passes and how much I’ve forgotten. I miss my secondary school life and friends sosososososoososo much! Luckily, its documented. 
Ohya! My sista,Sharn went to Langkawi for college internship training for 5 months. I started miss her a lot!I'm sorry that I was seldom to meet her before she was go to Langkawi cause I'm having my final exam.
The day before she left KL at her house.Five of us! Should I hope she faster come back?because when I meet her will be January,2013.OMG!! I'm hope that day will not come so fast actually.

Then what I feel about college life?  College life should be very enjoyable right? But for me, I don’t think so I got an enjoyable college life currently after the oo’s night passed. I totally dislike everyday just so busy like nobody else knows.

This week have an assignment, next week presentation and next next week small test…..
Fortunately, my classmates are not so quiet and always make fun in the class. I am happy to meet all of them.

Sigh…My 2012 blog will be a very thin volume, considering its End August already.For now, stay tuned for new posts, more frequently in the future!Bye

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My simple X'mas Eve

As we all know that year-end school holidays have always been a popular travel period for friends and families.Each year my friends and I will plan to travel together during the year end school holidays.But this time,it seems like plan to travel is a very difficult thing for us after graduated because
everyone's semester break is not the same.It was our six year of celebrating Christmas together.
We decided to BBQ at Chui Sharn's house on Xmas Eve.Basically each of us has to prepare a gift which is very creative and not more than RM5.Christine ffk in last min!!
I lost my appetite even though a lot of delicious food just in front of me.I'm not feeling well that night.
it's finally 12am!!Merry Christmas!!!!!Hoho!!
It's time to exchange X'mas present.This seems like a really SCARY session!Guess what xmas present I bought???
The answer is......LUX shampoo!! Hahas!RM3.50 only!!so cheap and useful on our daily life right??
One for the present which made us crazy and laugh non-stop!!发糕(合家平安).
Bought by Rocky Cheong and the lucky people,Lee Yeng got it!!
The next lucky people is Chew Yong...he got the Toilet brush!!Congtraz to him!!!
sheryl chin,Yusheng,Nick & Tik
fuitheng,Jessie,Egg Yeng & Kmaey
Chew Yong,Yuhang,Chuisharn's sis,ChuiSharn & Rocky
Best friends forever ;)I had a great night with them!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

SBS-Prom Night,2011

Times passed so fast!It's Monday,all people are returning back to school or work.I still on my sembreak and is already the 8th of Chinese New Year.So a week of Chinese New Year is here and almost gone!How are you going to celebrate the Chinese New Year last week?For me,I've enjoyed wonderful CNY celebrations with family,relatives &friends.I will write about my cny's life as fast as possible.
Now,let's come back to the topic.SBS prom night'2011,is an annual event organized by students of  school of business studies in TARC college(KL MAIN CAMPUS).The prom night was held on 28th November 2011(Monday,a public holiday)at sports complex.Some of oo finailist of 2011 were invited to be their costume models,which is me,Joann,reena,sebastian,vincent and junyong to wear the 19th century's costume.

We went there early to do the hair-do and make up.
Vincent Ng's stupid face!haha!
Six of us!
My partner;)Sebastian again!Hoho!The fatty guy!!
It is a nice place with great environment.
The prom contestants!
10 of Finalists!There is a projected screen in the middle of the stage.
The performances started.
The Prom King & Queen,Vic Guan and Grace Chong.Congtraz to them!

Near by the ending,abit high because like clubbing.We cant fully enjoy the last part for the night because we lack of alcohol .
Overall,it was a memorable night with for the prom night finalists.I've enjoyed the night with the oo's finalists.This was a rare opportunity to gather together with them.Besides that,finalists of prom night made it so awesome;)

Here were pictures that we took in the event.
Joann & Vincent.
Reena & Jun Yong.
Sebastian,Shibi,John and kmaey.
Alexander,sebastian and me.
sebastian lai and kmaey.I found that I never have my solo picture that night.T.T
Spotted OO's king 2011.Junhann!
we are the oo's finalist.2011.
END !once again,happy chinese new year.I have to bath now and dinner with my family later;)TATA!