Sunday, February 28, 2010

★CNY'S eve★

No make up&lens...look like rather pale,right?
At my cousin room and countdown !

Saturday 13th Feb 2010
It just a simple CNY'S EVE .
In the morning,back to my hometown[my father's side] with my family.
In fact,my hometown[my father's side &mother's side] is no far from my house.
both in the same area.>> Salak South.
Only 20 minutes if no traffic jams lah.
The lunch was delicious.Especially the soup.
Yum yum.
Afternoon,went to IOI Mall bought some personal things with my family.
I has been didn't come here for a long time.
Then,back to my grandma house[my mother's side]there.

No photo today,but I still wanna post a simple diary.
because this blog is belong to me.

Next post,chor 1!:)

★72 Tenants of Prosperity★

Friday 12th Feb 2010
Night time,
had a supper with my family.
After that,I decided went to Mid at the last minute.
Eewaka join us also^^
but Egg..haha..Diao Gai wor.
Go to buy ticket first and waiting for them.

Watch movie <<72>>with IMP group.

In fiercely competitive Sai Yeung Choi Street high rents force businessmen to use every means to survive, with electronics shops employing pseudo models in sales promotion campaign and comic shops offering foot-massage services by Lolita.
very funny!

After movie,yamcha at SS2.

A very nice and funny comedy films.
Don't miss it if you like TVB series so much.

Most of the actor and actress came from TVB.

Friday, February 26, 2010

★6th Feb 2010 Party★

Outdated post, Saturday 6th Feb 2010
My cousin brother twenty years old birthday party .

Just a simple celebration at grandma house.
Firstly,fill my stomach with delicious food.
All taste good but just the hotdog is too bad.
Nothing much to talking about
Last but not least,Happy 20th Birthday Bro Liong.

May your dream come true and all the best to you.^^

Sister and me back to Serdang early and join Alex's dad annual party at their house.

Wuhaoo,they got invited DJ.

There became a nightclub at the time
[just the place more brighter XD]
All guys enjoy beers! I became the photographer on that day. shoot until non-stop.

Egg,why your face become like this..

Zefent,obviously drunk!

Rocky and Me.
no make up today,very ugly lohx....

sweet couple.^^

My sister and his boyfriend.


Finally,Carlsberg finished already

So,Hennesy was coming!
Jun Kong,He'd drunk too much!
When he tried to stand up,he keeled over.

Finally,yeong and Carmen them fetch him back home first.
Haha..very funny.
Midnight,karaoke in their house.
Back home around 2am

Party goes smooth.
I did enjoy in this day.sweet ya.!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

★Valentine day @skul★

Before Valentine's day,
each organization will sell about Valentine's present for earn money.
including Seni dan Kraf.

Thursday 11th Feb 2010
After break time,I skipped class and go to find Yleng and Micky them.
because they were doing those handmade rose for the Valentine quiet.
They very busy now..Hehe..

Yleng,the leader.very Xian de lohx..haha

A lot of love letter just in front of us.
Yer~hao rou mar Lohx..." I went to help them. Actually I nothing to do,just gossip with them.^^
Kacau mereka.

See,niceeee?I love it...

Kmaey and Egg.

Micky...the most of pretty woman.

we move to field and continuous...

Weilin and Micky.

Sharn and Yleng

Sharn and Egg

Finally,I got something to do.

We arrange the rose in the different class.

Too hot!I'm sweating and my face became a red red apple.

My ji mui~

After that,we hold the flower basket and go to different class to spend those roses.
Many girls very shy when they get the rose from guys.

Under the hot sun,I'm sick already...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


GREAT!My sister finally bought a new USB already..
I gonna update an outdated post,but WHO care wor? Haha

Let me talk about last month,

Saturday 30 Jan 2010
My cousins and I go to shopping at Time square.
Amelia,Cecelia,Mandy,Chealese,Iyen and ME.
My sister fetch us.

Early in the morning,dress up beauty beauty and go to my grandma house first.
Had a breakfast at Desa Petaling before go.

On the Way.We were excited.

My sister.Iyen.
because I didn't shopping with my crazy cousin for a long time already.
Shoot with my cousin.

behind of me..that Amelia,Wat are you doing?
very funny yer..

Shopping Time.
I met up many friends in this day.haha
Had a Tea time at Oldtown before back grandma home.

Cecelia,Mandy,Iyen AND ME.
My eyes is uncomfortable,so I take off my lens at there.

BACK HOME around 6pm.

At night,we went to Salak South night market.
There are very crowded before Chinese New Year.

I bought some personal effects and food drinks.

When we back to car park ,
Shit!The Myvi was crumpled on impact,but the driver has escaped.
Don't drive if you still dunnoe how to be a good driver.