Tuesday, February 23, 2010


GREAT!My sister finally bought a new USB already..
I gonna update an outdated post,but WHO care wor? Haha

Let me talk about last month,

Saturday 30 Jan 2010
My cousins and I go to shopping at Time square.
Amelia,Cecelia,Mandy,Chealese,Iyen and ME.
My sister fetch us.

Early in the morning,dress up beauty beauty and go to my grandma house first.
Had a breakfast at Desa Petaling before go.

On the Way.We were excited.

My sister.Iyen.
because I didn't shopping with my crazy cousin for a long time already.
Shoot with my cousin.

behind of me..that Amelia,Wat are you doing?
very funny yer..

Shopping Time.
I met up many friends in this day.haha
Had a Tea time at Oldtown before back grandma home.

Cecelia,Mandy,Iyen AND ME.
My eyes is uncomfortable,so I take off my lens at there.

BACK HOME around 6pm.

At night,we went to Salak South night market.
There are very crowded before Chinese New Year.

I bought some personal effects and food drinks.

When we back to car park ,
Shit!The Myvi was crumpled on impact,but the driver has escaped.
Don't drive if you still dunnoe how to be a good driver.

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