Sunday, February 7, 2010

★Decorated classroom★

Unlucky,the camera can't to upload pictures,maybe that PCU has been broken.
No photos,cause I no mood to blogging about this few day.
shit man!

I am looking forward to the Happy Chinese New Year of 2010.

I skipped into this week about school life first.

Chinese association held "Decorate class for Chinese New Year activities".
This year is my first time to joined this activities,because this year also is my last year in my school.
I felt if I still won't to joined school activities,maybe I will regret of long life.
I have never participated extra-curricular activities and programs such as sport day,teacher's day....
Because of my laziness,I do not take an active part in my school activities before
Now,I'm very regret....Never mind lah...
Started to prepared angpau.

My classmates decorated our classroom for the CNY.
Good teamwork students,including me..XD

Used angpau hanging in the ceiling is my idea.Hoho~
Our good monitor...


amanda4ever said...

hey,u r pretty^^

- Janice - said...

lenglui. your face so long ya. but also leng la.XD
welcome u to see my blog...
when u are free, can see.