Thursday, April 29, 2010

★Bad mood★

I'm moody today at school.Had a teacher(Pn.parames) catch me about my brown color of hair.She was blame me in front of students and teacher.Complaints about my socks is too short,my shoes is very fashion,wear contract lens at school,my finger nails is too long and so on.Then I explained my hair never dyed,just it has been broken before.However,she didn't accept my explanations and said me had a lot of excuse.

After that,I was quarrel with her,she took me aside and told the discipline teacher.Assembly dismissed,I followed the discipline teacher and stepped into discipline's office.I talked a lot with the teacher.She finally accept my explanations.She wrote a letter to the Pn.parames.In the end,the saman just wrote down about"kasut yang tidak sesuai."and tolak three point.

Suddenly,Pn.Florence asked the teacher:"Wat happen for her?She is a good girl in the class."She lightly touched my hair and talked with the teacher.I was touching and crying in this moment.The reason not because I was afraid,just because this teacher is very care me.She is always treat and concern me as her daughter.

Thank to my beloved teacher,Puan.Florence.I love you so much

Monday, April 26, 2010

★Carmen birthday party!★

(Sunday,11th April 2010),
celebrated Carmen's birthday at
Restoran Highway cafe

Birthday girl.

We celebrated her birthday early,because she has a second round with other friends.
Highway Cafe,I had been long time didn't come here.
The signboard and the decoration is identical likes before.
I think this cafe had never decorate.
I wear a child's cloth in this day,I felt that no match with my mature face.

Started to order my dinner.

Carmen and me.

My sister and Lip.



Egg and me~

After finished our supper,birthday cake was coming!!♥

The Girls♥

The boys♥

The rocky look high here.He danced in front of us.haha

IMP group picha!

Kenn very love this present,but NOT yours!teeheee..

Made by egg.

Lastly,said one more time to you.
"Carmen,happy birthday ya!"

I'm busy recently.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

★@dd Magazine!★

I had apologize that I'm late to blog again.
These few weeks were busy with my homework and outing.
My exam is coming soon,the first day of the exam is my birthday TOO!
Every year,my birthday and exam falls on the same day.
Big sigh**

Sunday 15 Mar 2010

As I said,Eewaka and me went for @dd shooting@KLCC.
Woke up pretty in the morning.
I'm enjoy shooting with other addol.They are very friendly and young!
Some of the picture on that day.

make up and prepared before shooting.

Started for shooting,I'm long time didn't shooting already.

We moved to other place.

Eewaka and me,my sweet friend.

Did an interviewed before end this shooting.

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Have a lot of fun in this magazine.
Give some comments at there if you buy this magazine already ya!

Monday, April 19, 2010

★Being human★

Sunday 11th April 2010.
In the beautiful morning,had a breakfast with IMP group at Puchong.
after that,Rico,Kenny,Alex,Kin,Lip,Iyen and me moved to IOI Mall .
Bought movie ticket(Being Human)@2.45pm.

"Being Human Being" touches on the unethical practices of the slimming industry. Lee plays a slimming centre owner whose unscrupulous business methods lead to a chain of consequences, notably the fact that he and his wife (played by Yeo Yann Yann) are unable to conceive a child. The cast also includes Singaporean television host Jeremy Chan, Taiwanese TV host NoNo, Tay Ying Ying, Ng Hui and features an appearance by up-and-coming artiste Mei Xin.

search from internet
I'm busy recently.
decreasing the number of outing.
because the exam is coming soon,18th May 2010.
shit man!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

★Volleyball & class photo★

Let me talks about volleyball competition about last week at my school.(5th til 8th April 2010)
Many volleyball team with different school will be come our school and competition every year.In this few days, my school became very lively,because many SK's students ponteng class to watch the competition.including me,teehee!In addition to support our school team,and we were going to see whether have any handsome boys!

Under boy of 18 years old.

All students ponteng class and watched the volleyball finals.
We're support SK team!
However,some guys maybe eat a wrong medicine and kakacaucau at there.
damn childish lohx!!

Congratulations to SK's team get the good result again!!
Boy under18 years old-champion.
Boy under 15 years old-champion.
Girl under 18years old-champion.
Girl under 15 years old-third place.

Girl,under 18 years old.
Monday &Tuesday, 12th&13th April 2010.
Class photo shooting.Yup,this is my last year to taken a class photo in my school also.

class of 5 Lili 1.

Free style.

Seni and kraf group photo.
(Actually,more than half of the students are not members.)

Please ignore my panda eyes,actually this photo is very nice!haha!
taken by Xiang Zhi.

some photos copy from facebook.