Monday, August 30, 2010

★Shooting & badminton session★

Saturday 30th July 2010
We went out for @dd magazine shooting in the morning.When I woke up not fully conscious,I saw a short girl stood in front of me,it's Eewaka!I quickly washed up and did make up simple.We waited Esther and Willam went to Maluri for shooting.Back home after about 3.00pm.

Went to The Mines after that.
Before we go to The Mines,we found that the tires of eewaka's car don't have enough air,so we went to garage for pump the tyre air first.On arrival,we waited buddies and had our dinner at KFC.

We watched Salt about x.xxpm.I already forgot wat time we watched.

Angelian Jolie is very Hot!!Well,I slept in the cinema again even though this movie is quite nice.I am a sleeping beauty and I could sleep at anywhere and anytime.wuahaha!

Afterward,we played badminton in the Seri Kembangan badminton court.There not far from South City Plaza.However,I didn't play with them and just sat aside.The main reason is because I dislike SWEATING.

The guys.=="

Eewaka,my sweetie.

Yusheng and me.

Maozai and me

Please support @dd Magazine vol.5.Itwas selling at magazine shop,popuar.Hope you like it!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

我親愛的部落格 真抱歉沒有好好照顧你
八月的生活細節 幾乎忘記很多了 但生活卻過得很充實
現在已經接近八月的尾聲了 哇老爺! 太快了吧!

各位,我最近身體不好 上兩個星期去拍攝前把腰骨給弄傷了
已經兩個星期了 卻還沒有康復 坐站依然很疼痛
有時候寧願不要站 我哀怨了很久
但是媽媽一旦說要去診療所打針 我就當沒事發生了

最近媽媽肯讓我到處駕車了 雖然駕車技術不是很精
但是我還是努力地學習 做個安全的駕駛人士
每日翻開報紙 都看到很多魯莽的人發生意外
雖然我的年齡處在血氣方剛的階段 但我不會亂來的
因為我還記得小學就已經學會了的 “馬路入虎口”的這個道理

突然覺得很吵 聽你發出的一推吵雜聲
時不時都可以喊叫 就像小雞剛出籠一樣
請你不要踏入我的生活 保持點距離 甚至走越遠越好
說實在的 你讓我覺得很噁心
為何現在沒道德智慧的人 說話可以那麼大聲?

Trial exam要到了 手是時候離開電腦了
要溫的書整座山似的 咳
壓力好大 T.T


Sunday, August 15, 2010

★Outing with my loves★

Its been long since the last outing with my ji mui.But now we can hang out almost any time and any where.The main reason is we all are get the P license(excluding Yleng and Yujing)!Teeheee!

Wednesday 28th July 2010
Egg came to my house first after school to get ready.I just did some make up with eyeliner.My hairstyle is too jiakshai,so i always ignore it.After an hour,Sharn came and fetch we go to The Mines.

Egg and me=D
Took picture at toilet before met up Micky them.We had MCD for the late lunch.


I was busying for online facebook.
After Micky them went to bought somethings,seven for us stayed and camwhore.I like Fuitheng's camera sooo much!!

Kmaey,Egg,Fish and Yleng.

Meikei,Jessie and Fish.

Egg and me=)

Egg and me again!
Has a great time to let us keep up the frienship.We didn't shopping but we still without realizing it was already 5.30pm.Time passes so fast!

Group pictures ♥

Meikei,Weilin,Yujing,Jessie,Micky,Ylenh,Egg,Sharn,Kmaey and Maozai.
my loves.
(we always stick together during the school)

Yleng and me.

The end.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

★BONAQUIN Gold Mask★

Gold Mask
Whitening +Moisturizing+Pore Minimizing+Oil Control
Do you have skin problem?

My have a dry skin and oily face.Dry skin makes me looks drawn,tried and dull.At the same time,it makes me susceptible to allergies and acne as the skin's defence is very low.
What can I do?
I used the Gold Mask recently.This mask really works well on my skin.The smell is also good.After first time I use,I can felt that soft and lighten my after using it.I should be recommended to my reader who are same problems with me.

What is Gold Mask?
A ground-breaking gel from mask.The Bonaquin Gold Mask is made from natural extracts and collagen which offers up to 10 times higher absoption rate than any other ordinary facial masks.
I left the the mask on my face for 30 minutes. I look very weird here.Hahas!

GOLD MASK is a great mask. It's effective: brightens ,evens skin tone, and hydrates skin.Gold mask is suitable for all skin types.Please do try it to believe yourself.By the same time,this mask also not exactly very expensive.rm10/per. It's worth it!

Simple steps to stunning skin
1. Cleanse the face thoroughly
2. Spread the mask evenly Leave it on for 30 minutes for the absorption process to take place. (remember don't use than 2 hours)
3. Remove the mask and rinse off.

Well,Bonaquin Gold Mask. to keep u smells good!It is sold RM10/per

If you are interesting,please click the website.I hope you can try it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

★Alex's birthday party★

I'm trying to keep this blog alive if I can.I will be on hiatus starting trial exam of September,its important for my future.Argggh!!damn ganjiong already.I planned go to class tambahan on tomorrow .However,all of them ffk in the last minutes lorh!Big sigh lorh!

Back to my topic first.Alex's 21st birthday party.♥Saturday,18th July of 2010

The theme was in a 70's look.Well,I just find out my clothe look so dated in my wardrobe.By the time,I wear a hand band and some accessories for my 1970's look.

About 7.30pm,Eewaka came and fetch me straight away to Alex's house.Had my dinner first because I was very hungry at moment.Their food was surprisingly tasty!yums yums!At the same time,more and more people arrived one after another.

Alex and us.

Eewaka and me

Frankly,I was annoyed with my hair bang for a long time.Sigh again!

We went to Alex's room chilling after finished our dinner.The guys were dressing up back to 70's look.We gathered at the small toilet and prepared. I can't stop laughing when I was visited these pictures again.hahas!You can imagine how funny in the scene.

Hellooo ;)
Shaoyer's before and after.

Yeong kept changed his hair style at moment.I believed that he must prefer 70's look lorh!

Besides that,we made birthday card(IMP GROUP) for Alex.

sei sifat!

OMG!!Shaoyer shows his cleavage!!I was almost vomit at the moment when I took this picture!

Shao,Yeong and me.

Jason and me.

Iyen and me=)

Kmaey Shaoyer and Rocky.

Egg,Kmaey and Eewaka.

Three beauty girls

The girls=)
After finished the 70's looks,of cuz no forgot took a lot of photos with a random.

Yeong act youkzi in these picha !omg...

Birthday cake was coming!!They force him to drink the susu in that child bottle while they kept said to him"大个仔咯~断奶噜!"

Alex and his girlfriend.I admire his girlfriend so much.She looks like gorgeous!

Took a group photo.

Yahoo!The party was started!
Don't stop make it pop,DJ pop my speaker out!
They dance on the floor including their relatives.DJ was played about 1970s music.The most exciting people of course is the uncle and auntie.

Suddenly,had a big Micky mouse came to the dance floor.It's a Alex's sister fiance made a propose to her sister.It totally brought up the touching feel.

Both of them shown her happy smile at the moment:)

The group pictures with the Micky mouse.

Took a group pictures before end the wonderful party.

These will be the best memories for me.Lastly,I wanna said one more time to Alex.
Happy birthday to you!.Finally you could legally able to do anything.Be a real man loh!Last but not least,wish for happiness forever to you!The end