Monday, August 30, 2010

★Shooting & badminton session★

Saturday 30th July 2010
We went out for @dd magazine shooting in the morning.When I woke up not fully conscious,I saw a short girl stood in front of me,it's Eewaka!I quickly washed up and did make up simple.We waited Esther and Willam went to Maluri for shooting.Back home after about 3.00pm.

Went to The Mines after that.
Before we go to The Mines,we found that the tires of eewaka's car don't have enough air,so we went to garage for pump the tyre air first.On arrival,we waited buddies and had our dinner at KFC.

We watched Salt about x.xxpm.I already forgot wat time we watched.

Angelian Jolie is very Hot!!Well,I slept in the cinema again even though this movie is quite nice.I am a sleeping beauty and I could sleep at anywhere and anytime.wuahaha!

Afterward,we played badminton in the Seri Kembangan badminton court.There not far from South City Plaza.However,I didn't play with them and just sat aside.The main reason is because I dislike SWEATING.

The guys.=="

Eewaka,my sweetie.

Yusheng and me.

Maozai and me

Please support @dd Magazine vol.5.Itwas selling at magazine shop,popuar.Hope you like it!

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Jasmine said...

I want to play badminton too! The badminton hall looks great.