Tuesday, August 10, 2010

★BONAQUIN Gold Mask★

Gold Mask
Whitening +Moisturizing+Pore Minimizing+Oil Control
Do you have skin problem?

My have a dry skin and oily face.Dry skin makes me looks drawn,tried and dull.At the same time,it makes me susceptible to allergies and acne as the skin's defence is very low.
What can I do?
I used the Gold Mask recently.This mask really works well on my skin.The smell is also good.After first time I use,I can felt that soft and lighten my after using it.I should be recommended to my reader who are same problems with me.

What is Gold Mask?
A ground-breaking gel from mask.The Bonaquin Gold Mask is made from natural extracts and collagen which offers up to 10 times higher absoption rate than any other ordinary facial masks.
I left the the mask on my face for 30 minutes. I look very weird here.Hahas!

GOLD MASK is a great mask. It's effective: brightens ,evens skin tone, and hydrates skin.Gold mask is suitable for all skin types.Please do try it to believe yourself.By the same time,this mask also not exactly very expensive.rm10/per. It's worth it!

Simple steps to stunning skin
1. Cleanse the face thoroughly
2. Spread the mask evenly Leave it on for 30 minutes for the absorption process to take place. (remember don't use than 2 hours)
3. Remove the mask and rinse off.

Well,Bonaquin Gold Mask. to keep u smells good!It is sold RM10/per

If you are interesting,please click the website.I hope you can try it!

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Maeko said...

How can I make order to purchase the mask? waiting for reply, thanks :)