Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I miss my blog


Hey guys!! How are you recently? I decided to come back to this wonderful place after almost one year of inactivity on my blog. Wow! It’s been a while since I really last updated my blog. I have thought for a long time that how to start an opening right now. khemm....

In this morning, I was browsing through some old posts. It made me realize how much the time passes and how much I’ve forgotten. I miss my secondary school life and friends sosososososoososo much! Luckily, its documented. 
Ohya! My sista,Sharn went to Langkawi for college internship training for 5 months. I started miss her a lot!I'm sorry that I was seldom to meet her before she was go to Langkawi cause I'm having my final exam.
The day before she left KL at her house.Five of us! Should I hope she faster come back?because when I meet her will be January,2013.OMG!! I'm hope that day will not come so fast actually.

Then what I feel about college life?  College life should be very enjoyable right? But for me, I don’t think so I got an enjoyable college life currently after the oo’s night passed. I totally dislike everyday just so busy like nobody else knows.

This week have an assignment, next week presentation and next next week small test…..
Fortunately, my classmates are not so quiet and always make fun in the class. I am happy to meet all of them.

Sigh…My 2012 blog will be a very thin volume, considering its End August already.For now, stay tuned for new posts, more frequently in the future!Bye