Friday, July 30, 2010

★Join it! My page★

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Yup...I has been lost almost 15k friends cause my old acc has been hacked!
WTF!I was mad with grief when I can't log in.
I tried to report to facebook team and hope my old profile could be recover.
However,they were still didn't reply any msg to me until now.
After a few tries I decided to give up in despair.

So fast,my facebook profile is not available because friends are limited also.
So,please join my new page.I hope I can saw your profile and comments at my page there.
I'll always on there.
Thanks so much!Miss ya

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

★Stupidest on here★

Went for driving test today.
I'm very sad cause I was failed on the hill test.
The culprit was the stupid handbrake.I couldn't move in,it was strucked like crazy.
Am I the stupidest one here?
Well,I have to retake the driving test on next week.
Sigh,I lose my confidence now=(WTF!
I hate back to the test's place again.

Besides that,the trial exam is coming soon on September.
I still have one month before the trial exam.
I am trying to keep away my computer from my view.

I should be spend more time focus to study
I hope that I won't fail in any subject.Can I?

God bless me!

It's really terrible cause I has been waste a lot of money pay for the tuition.
RM280/per month.rm280x11=RM3080It's not a smaller value already.

So sorry that I'll not always blogging and updated already.
I must get a GREAT result in the 2010's SPM !!

Monday, July 26, 2010

★God save me!★

I just came back from Bangi for my driving lesson with Jessie,Maozai.
This is my last time for the driving lesson also.
Please god save me!
Hope I can pass my driving test on TOMORROW!
I'm very very very ganjiong and excited now.
I'm sicked went to Bangi and learn how to parking,on the road,three point turn.
Damn sienz!
Let me pass on tomorrow bar!
*Oh Mi Tuo Fo*

Friday, July 23, 2010

★@dd magazine vol.4★

Oh my god,I missing my blog so much♥

I'm so happy that I finally get these pictures form @dd's facebook.I can't reveal any process before the magazine haven't selling at Malaysia. Now,I would like to share how's my magazine shooting on last months.Still remember that day is a school holiday.

Tuesday 22th June 2010
Well,I should reached there at 7am,so I started prepared and washed up at 5.30.Willam came my house and we go to fetch Pkay first.On the way,many interesting things was happened.I thought that KL's road seemed like the same.Although we had a GPS in the car,but our folly made us kept went to location with the wrong direction and kept around the same area.

All the models must meet at Mcdonald which located in Honglok at 7am.Make up-artists and hairstylist were helping models make up and dressed up.


I prefer this hairstylist.She is very nice and cleverness in the hair's skills.

Yong Yuan and Kah Hwang...both of them very inelegant about this behavior.haha!

After that,we started went to Taman pertanian.It took us around 1 hour 30 min plus drive from MCD to Taman Pertanian.After that,we're rent a few of bicycle for shooting.

Shooting was started!♥Go go go!

This is my bicycle=)

My face's condition was not good on that day.
Then the make-up artist put some base on my face.

♥Beh Tahan already=(

I hasn't been out riding for a long time ago.But I still very pro for bicyled.
You see,I was the first to be there!haha

The make up artist and hairstylist were waiting us in the car.
We quickly moved into the car and enjoying air-con when we got a rest for a few minutes.

We were introducing these camera from the sponsors in the magazine also.


At this part,we were riding a bicycle up and down at the hill.Repeats many many times.

I'm so tired at the moment.The sweat was pouring down on my face.

They are professional photographers.In the shooting process,they were wandering around the place to look for a nice backgrounds.

Furthermore,I was meet a new friends,Pkay and Yong Yuan.I appreciate they so much.
They are good @ddol =)Well,I hope that I culd be a good friend with her lah.

Lunch time^^

After rest for a while,started shooting again...

Forgive for my laziness to type anymore=)Goodbye♥

Saturday, July 17, 2010

★@dd Magazine vol.4★

Finally,@dd magazine vol.4 officially selling in Malaysia!
I'll post about the shooting magazine a few days later.
It's fun but very tired also on that day!
After I joined the addol,I felt that be a good model is not so easy as we expected.
However,I will try my best!

Do you interesting?
This magazine sales in any magazine bookstore.
Furthermore,you also could buy our magazine by subscribing.
More details please join the Link !!
We need as much help as we can get!
Help us keep @DD Magazine going strong for years to come!
Join Facebook to start connecting with @dd Magazine now ya ^^

Well,I was preparing to Alex's 21st birthday party!!
Must be exciting tonight!hahaxxx

Thursday, July 15, 2010

★Facebook kena Hack!★

我的facebook被人hack了 整个profile都不见了.
我知道的那一刻 真的很想大叫 超级无奈的
我最舍不得的是我的likes page, 快要15万人数加入我的facebook
损失惨重啊!我的照片 回忆 留言 是见证我成长当中的最好印迹 得来不易
如今,通通都没有了了 T.T
我开了一个新的profile了 但这次比较保密了吧


过了快两个小时吧 我就很意外的看到那封信息写“Maaf”
"PLKN SEMAK (your IC number) "send to 15888.

因为~懒惰又找上我了 ><"

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

★Karaoke session with my cousin★

It was June 18th,2010.People still were enjoying their holidays.In this day,I was outing with my cousins in the beautiful morning.We gathered at 10.00 am at my home first before going.We started off to Balakong Jusco for karaoke session.I sat on my elder brother's car cause he still don't know how to go there.
My sister and I.

Amelia and me
I had been didn't karaoke with them for a long time.Practically,I likes sing K with them cause they always funny and crazy in the any moment.

Look at Amelia,she still in the high mood.

Amelia and me=)

Cecelia and me=)

Iyen,Amelia and Mandy.

My brother,my elder bro(Liong) and my sister=)

Solo soloXP
Well,my younger cousin aka Mandy Lee her birthday was coming soon.This was a great time let's us planned a surprised for her.We bought a small birthday cake to her.

Birthday cake was coming!!!Happy-birthday-to-you!

Surprised bor??Mandy?

Craps Craps^^

My beautiful cousin=)Piyan didn't join us cause she had add maths tuition=(so bad!

Y.Y.I love this picha.XP

Mandy,Happy birthday to you.Hope you will always have a good health and more career in your life.Thanks for my cousin gave me a perfect relationship.
I love you all♥