Thursday, October 29, 2009

★Nothing ★

I don't really feel like blogging recently.
My blog became very boring.because my life just very ordinary recently.

Actually this few days,I have to fully use my time to study hard for my add maths and maths

Add maths exam yesterday!
Shit!Last minute I just found that I forgot to bring calculate.
I quickly went to lent from Mr.Liew.
I was did a lot of revision and review.
But still can't do those questions.damn tough!
I just squeeze whatever a sohai answer I can figure it out!
just try not to let it blank~

Maths paper done in this morning~
This paper is okay lah,better than add maths luh^^
Nonsense,of course lah XD

BM paper 2 tomorrow.
don't know what can I revision.

just revision about "Bukit Kepong" nilai and pengajaran

See,everyone have to fight for the final exam.

my classmates situation was very tension.
but some friends still played her hand phone
including me ^^

My seat..
Just FIVE days left!We all will be free...
But,why my feelings that don't want to end in this years are getting more and more?

My right eye still haven't heal...Haiz...

Without wear lenses,looks like so~~

My eyes,wish you can quick recovery..
After exam,I got many planning lah~
I want make up
,but I can't

★ My style★

I don't really feel like blogging recently.
I knew my blog became very boring.because my life was
Actually this few days,I have to fully use my time to study hard for my add maths and maths
Add maths exam yesterday.
SHIT!last minute I just found that I forgot to bring calculate.
I quickly went to lent from Mr.Liew.

Add maths exam is killing me.
I was did a lot for revision and review.
but still can't do the add maths paper.
Just squeeze whatever a sohai answer I can figure it out.
just try not to let it blank.

Maths paper done in this day,this paper is okay..
better than add maths luh^^.of course lah..XD

BM paper 2 tomorrow.don't know what can I revision.
same like EGG, .
Online a few minute,then on off on off,just off the screen only.not shut down computer^^

See,everyone have to fight for the final exam.

just FIVE days left!We all will be free~
But,my feelings that don't want to end in this year are getting more and more.

My right eye still haven't heal...Haiz...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

★Friendster's Faker!★


This Friendster profile is Faker
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记住,我没有Friendster profile

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

★Friendster's Faker★

0♀ќмαёў♀Full ♥哭包女♥



请你醒醒 你真的不是我!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

★Big bad news★

I just came back from tired and sleepy.
But I still want to post about a bad news for me before I got to nap.

Do you remember?Recently, I always said my eyes was injured until today
It was injured for long time ago,still haven't heal.
Now,it started automatic shed tears and I felt so pain.
I can't open my eyes when under the sun.
I think it has been taken worse.

Thursday 22 October 2009
My dad accompanied me went to Consultant ophthalmologist to checked my right eye
I'm first time stepped into this place,I felt very fear.
We waited for about an hour for 15 minutes by impatiently!

I went to pets shop just besides the clinic for a while.
I saw a puppy,it too cute!It looks like a child Yoyo.

After the doctor examined my eyes,he warned me that three months cannot wear lens already.
Because contact lenses are not clean and led to my eyes sensitive.
Walao!3 month leh??!Is a BIG bad news for me..
I think I cannot do it,because I have many planning when my school holidays.especially photo session.
But I noe my eyes are very important to me,so maybe will cancel some planning.

I will reconsidering whether to attend photo session two week okay?

Do you want to see my right eyes?I maybe make you feel very shock!!

Don't fear..Is me~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

★ My style★

Hello,boys and girls!
Sorry,I'm no enough time to update my blog recently.
Shit!haven't revision Chapters 4 and 5.
I'm gonna finish the whole Science chapters within this day
Yea.tomorrow having SC paper.very tension!

Actually,I almost every day still had online.
because my computer just in front my desk.
I always online a few minutes then revision again
I can't stand computer temptations.
Is true..

I just woke wear lens and no make up.fear to see the camera XD
This my style when stay at my home.
If I didn't go out,I will wear pajamas until whole day
sexy pajamas ..Hehe...

I'm very hungry now==
My sharn mum,I want eat kari Maggi and add hotdog~

Okay lah,I want offline and revision now
Good bye!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

wait me back :)
Good bye...^^


Thursday, October 15, 2009

★Tough exam★

Ya,my trial exam is damn tough.

BI paper 1 and BC paper 1 done this mornings!

Shit!My BI paper1 composition are not enough words.
I was wrote a lot of nonsense already.

Tomorrow start holidays already until Wednesday.

Just started to school two days ago,now holidays again.
Haiz,damn boring u noe?

Stayed at home at whole day,find out some
reference book and did for revision
Now want waiting until next Thursday is having Science exam.
Happy Deepavali to Indians!

My eyes was injuries again,became red red,very terrible!
like ghost=="

I cannot wear lens in this few days.haiz...

Pay attention
My facebook full already..
maybe open new acc in this few days!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

★Update nonsense★

这几天,都独自关在家里 没有出去哪儿玩.
其实很想出 可是没有人肯陪我出
臭学校! 明明考试不到12天 却安排时间延迟到3个星期
其中一个星期才考一科 很讨厌的咯!
Form 4是 honeymoon Year,也许真的没有错
不知道好事还是坏事 因为只有今年可以那么轻松
不断放一个星期的假期 假期弄到我很鬼死闷
很不舍得 真的很不舍得 今年才刚认识到一班朋友 也要说再见了
有时候,感觉好像很奇妙 以前刚上中学 全部还很小孩子气

话说回来,最近整天穿着睡衣到处走 其实我家很小 走不到去哪儿

一切planning都要安排在Final exam后.

After exam,很想做的第一件事情就是染头发,我很期待^^

My blog song nice anot?
I like it.
sweet sweet :)

Friday, October 9, 2009



I'm boring right now,I should do revision,but I didn't
Damn lazy,moody again again.
Final exam is around the corner.Gosh...
Outside was overcast.
offline now.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

★Happy mooncake festival★

Friday 2 October 2009
After school,I went to hair salon with Xinn Yuen.
I just fringe of hair cut short and straightening across the forehead only,because really too long.My hair is without a hairstyles already.
Honestly,I was nearly 10 months without entered a salon.Is true.
I've had lot of girls tell me to cut my hair because I had a lot of bad hair
But,I really very love my long hair ya!
However, if I think the fringe is too long,i will take a little more off it lah..

After that,around 6.00pm I went to Wei lin house and started prepared all things
Actually,I am a good girl,I'm earliest reached there and helped Weilin.Lohx.

Barbecue started at 8.00pm.I was damn hungry.Those chicken wings very delicious.

Pan Pan ate a lot!His appetite was very "sei li"
After that,I played lanterns alone.Very nice right?SO romantic!^^XD

I bought myself and played alone.nobody want participate with me><"

Mickey,Weilin,Yleng and me

A Yang,U noe very erm~~

My real name called Kaamay.
This group of cup no easy to shoot de loh~

These two boys very busy~haha

THAT'S ALL.Happy day^^

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

★Final exams getting closer★

Now,my school start new holidays again again until next Wednesday.
PMR need a lot of class to conduct of examinaitions,cause we no need to schoolSo many days for me relax and revision.But,after holidays will start the final exams.Haiz,time really like just a blink of an eye.From 4's life gonna an end.

If I haven't forgot,these photo shoot on Tuesday-29 Sept 09
Egg move on to my class and gossip with us.We don't go to change sport suit.

I really very busy to revison.But,I don't know y my hand still keep on sms to someone.
Neh,Egg want make this one.she said very beauty.Haha.

I have forgotten everything done on Wednesday 30 September 09
So,Can I skip this Part?

Thursday 1 September 2009
My classmates situation were getting tension about the final exams
I felt very fear,because many many subject I still "一窍不通"
I was very sleepy while doing the exercise.Ya.I really don't why.

After tuition,We early to celebrate the Moon-cake festival because this Saturday we didn't at home.WE bought KFC and my mum cook Fried rice noodle.

So,that' all about last week post.

Tomorrow is a big exams for PMR students right?
Wish all the best in your exams :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

★The death after tomorrow★

Yup,my school arisen in Taiwan new report.
This news about volunteers collected donations for flood victims in Taiwan at my school
If you look carefully,maybe you can see"him"also on camera.
In this year,our school about the school violence,gambling and truancy everything was on the press.That time,my school suddenly became very famous,but the school declined an honorary.However, my school's behavior finally can report some good news at Taiwan.

Why do I see the news?it is because classmates and I went to listen the lectures on Friday.They play a video Taiwan's August 8 flood and shown to us.I felt many people silent after seeing the disaster damage,including me lah.Ya,those victims really very "qi liang".Before ending,volunteers then lead us in a prayer for the flood victims.

Recently,I thinks the earth's future is bleak if the developed nations do not enough to stop the pollution.It is a serious threat to human life.Not enough space to enable us to live if the ice caps will melt and causing islands areas to disappearNations must cooperate to stop pollution.Otherwise,I think that "2o12"movie about the earth is doomed,it does not surprising that may become true.

A little show of love can make a big difference in people's lives.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

★Work days★

Friday-Sunday 25-27 September 2009
Yeah,I spent my holidays at Mines
Busy working this few days.Every days forced woke myself up around 10am
without make up and wear lens when I working,cause my eyes was injury a few days
My colleague said me very gentle after I wear spectacles.REALLY?
And,thank to Jacky always bought a brunch to me!^^
Saturday,after work headed to “小休亭” with him.Had a nasi lemak for my supper.

Although holidays have been over,but I felt it was a enrich holidays.
At least,I didn't stay at home for whole day and doing useless.