Thursday, October 15, 2009

★Tough exam★

Ya,my trial exam is damn tough.

BI paper 1 and BC paper 1 done this mornings!

Shit!My BI paper1 composition are not enough words.
I was wrote a lot of nonsense already.

Tomorrow start holidays already until Wednesday.

Just started to school two days ago,now holidays again.
Haiz,damn boring u noe?

Stayed at home at whole day,find out some
reference book and did for revision
Now want waiting until next Thursday is having Science exam.
Happy Deepavali to Indians!

My eyes was injuries again,became red red,very terrible!
like ghost=="

I cannot wear lens in this few days.haiz...

Pay attention
My facebook full already..
maybe open new acc in this few days!


Anonymous said...

wah... so popular..
facebook also can full...

Kevin said...

All the best for you
*Like your picture

过路的 said...





Anonymous said...

Rubbish of the society

The world is full of that kind of rubbish is the reason that's why our society facing failure always.

What's a poor education guys :)

Worry for your parents, hope they are not the piece of shit as you :)