Wednesday, October 26, 2011

黑裙子MV-花絮照 part 1

大同韩新传播学院 第二十届毕业影展 《转·站 2 be》颁奖典礼获得的奖项
最受欢迎 MV :《黑裙子》
最受欢迎女演员:古嘉美 《黑裙子》
最佳摄影( MV )
最佳美术指导( MV )
By Zombie Production~

黑裙子MV因为某些关系提早播在网上了。花絮照也拿到了啦! 我也是时候放花絮照啦!如果我没记错的话,这部作品用了7天来拍 不包括一天失败的背景了。照片很多很多。

拍摄的第一天 也是第一天与他们正式的相处。其实也不算第一次了啦,因为之前有出来见面和去试婚纱。地点是在新纪元。给我的印象,我拍这部作品的时候一直感冒生病。

Part 1

背后的光真的还蛮热的说!其实我被疵膀绑住了 一旦停拍的时候就会有工作人员去后面遮住那些光。好体贴

Part 2.

这是我的化妆师 她很可爱 

小白-我第一次抱猫咪 它真的好可爱!对它爱不释手 哈哈! 

很耀眼的道具-鸟笼。这是用衣架弄成的(我真的很想知道哪里找那么多衣架??)据我所只,很多小道具 都是亲手做


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

S&S Global Bridal Makeup Competition

16th Oct 2011,I'm very proud to have been invited by Polly Wong(She is the one of the make up artist of 黑裙子's MV shooting) to participate in sense and style bridal make up competition's model. The competition was held at KLCC Convention Center in conjunction with "Beauty Expo".

This was my first time to join this kind of the activity.It's not that easy seriously. As a make up artist,you should to prepare a lot of thing for the competition,such as: dress design & revise, make up skills practice, and so on. The cost of preparing the make up competition was very high.

Besides that,the heavy wigs made me feel uncomfortable throughout the process of competition. This was a good experience to me.I learned how hard the actors or actresses who wear their wigs to act in the ancient China.Wigs will pull your real hair and you will feel neck pain.
 Sharing a picture at my page before start the competition .

Soooo......if I receive this kind of job again I think I should have considered probably this before accepted the job.But I still enjoy for this job because my make up artist because she is very friendly and always concerned about me.Meanwhile,I was happy to meet a lot of friends and models.

We're late to reach there. Catwalk rehearsal started at 9.00am.After that,we started to wear the bridal and wigs and put the make up base.My make up artist was very tension in this moment.
Wore the fake nails.
The painful face;(
Fall in love with this picture ♥♥♥
Make up competition officially start now
The judges.
deng deng deng deng!
Erica & Kmaey
20 of models on that day.
Took some pictures with them during the rest time.
Bridal catwalk show started at 3pm.
Felt scare when saw a lot of photography and audiences in front of me.
 Polly and me.
Well,congtraz to my make up artist got the TOP 10 in the competition.

The champion on that day!I admire this make up artist for her make up skills!Really very special and nice.
After the ended,had a dinner at 海棠,serdang.