Saturday, June 25, 2011

OO'S photo-shooting

Had busy schedule for tomorrow.I will going for Sunway and Talenttime night with oo's finalist. I should faster to blog and get some rest now.=)

Well,it seems so fast time has passed.Its already the seventh weeks in oo's life.Orientation odyssey 2011 is coming soon!Only still have two weeks to go!
24th May 2011,had a photo-shooting with OO finalist.We made up before start shooting at Celebre's studio,Kepong.I'm so sorry because I'm late to go there.All finalist almost finished their make up and hairdo while I reached there.Arhh!They already took a lot of nice pictures when I just start to make up= ="

I surprised when I saw all of them had a heavy make up.Really very different than before.
Gosh!I hate this picture so much!But... I still wanna to post it out to frighten you all=P.Actually my eyes looked down to touch my phone lah.
Junhann became hairstylist on that day also!Mmm..his skills really not bad lor=)

Joann and Jun Yong.They looked so funny and cute in this picture!haha.
Program Designer and Finalist.
Female Finalist 

 Took a couple pose before move to indoor studio.

After that,moved to indoor studio for shooting at Cheras.Before start the shooting,the photography taught us how to pose like a model for photoshoot.

My Personal Poster hang up in the conspicuous places at Tarc college for a few weeks.Hmm..really abit shy when saw my big poster hang at there.wuahaha!Okie's already 1.18am.byebye.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hairdo with OO family.

I recently wrote about what I was training and outing with OO'S family.One of the outing was went for hairdo at Treandz, Kepong on 21st May 2011.Only me joined the Male's finalist because the Tarc's van was not enough seat for all finalist and PD.While,I decided to drive myself  went to there same with the guys lor!How proud I felt for my drive skills since I study at Tarc College.I drove start from Serdang to Kepong leh!!It's not a short journey!
We reached there around 12pm.I just dying the top of my hair and cut my fringe a little bit.Recently I kept stepped into hair saloon.I still remember that I stepped into hair saloon no excess three times on last three year.Besides that, I always thought that long-long hair was very suit for girl before.I knew such theory has long gone of the date!
Took picture of myself during my boring time.
Jun Yong was sleeping edi!
The guys all drying and cut hair.Really looked very nice after changed a new hair style.
Juno,Sebastian,Kmaey and Ken.
Junhann and me.This was his first time for dying hair!Not bad lah guy!
The three handsome guys.
Sabastian and me.He is M3,my partner in OO.
After that,had a lunch at Chili Paa Mee with them.

Vincent Ng.
OO family,2011.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Training of Orientation Odyssey night,2011

It's time to blog about my oo's life!!I'm so glad my college life as interesting as my secondary life.I has been chosen as finalist for Orientation odyssey night,2011 at Tarc College,Setapak. In short terms it's oo finalist.Our theme for orientation odyssey night,2011 is LaMode,which ultimately means fashion.Like previous year,all finalist need to perform catwalk,group singing,dancing and talents.Seriously,my life is extremely more interesting right now!It was so much fun!What makes me happy is I met many new friends and senior after joined this event.They are so nice AND fun!

The most memorable for the training day is during my birthday."Happy birthday to you..Happy birthday to you"I cried.Emerging from behind carrying a chocolate birthday cake when some of programs Designers scolded me in front of large crowd.I was almost mad with grief at the moment while they're aiming at me.
All orientation odyssey's finalist,2011. 
All Programs Designers,Committee and OO's Finalist

Share some pictures during the training.Hmm....
Joann,the one of the finalist,I love her smile so much! 
 Reena and Kmaey.

Quek,Jun Yong and Juno. 

Reena and Kmaey

No much time to blog now!It's time to sleep!!Tomorrow all oo's finalist will going for shooting!Arhh...I should wake up at 5.30am for prepare! Good night all!