Saturday, June 4, 2011

May's Life.

I am the blogger that promised to updated every day and has not!My only excuse is that month of May,2011 has been quite busy and wonderful!I'm so sorry about that blogging is not in the priority list in my mind.

In fact,I have no time to visit my blog almost five days ago.I felt surprised when I saw my follower achieved around 1000++ people.I really appreciated them,because I admitted that I'm not a good blogger.I'm still trying to improve my grammar mistake,trying to make my life become more interesting and so on.

1st of May 2011,I finally bought myself  a birthday present of an IPHONE 4,16GB for RM2590.I has been eyeing the iphone since 3G version.I hard to work for earn more money after graduated because of it.This is the most expensive gift  for a gadget I got in my life.

3rd of May 2011,I started my college life which is great and amazing.Assignment,coursework,and tests are coming soon made me very stress,but I knew that it's better than sitting at home doing nothing or working non-stop like a lifeless.

18th of May 2011,it was a memorable birthday for me!I felt hard to describe on that day.I cried out when my college friends made a fool and then suddenly took out a birthday's cake for me.I'm really speechless and "beng kuii" at the moment.Beside that,I'm felt very-very-very sorry that I decided FFK while all my friends waiting for me to celebrate my birthday at the Bangsar.It was a crazy & heavy raining on that night cause me got lost in KL.I tried to follow the Iphone's GPS went to the location but I realized that it not an easy for me to follow it!Finally I decided to give up to go there when I almost get an accident.

At the same time,I have a few of post will update about my college's life after a week.Now,I will share some picture about my recently life.

Working for Asian music festival,my sister and me;)
Had a great working time with them.
Love my rabbit's iphone case so much,I bought it at Hong Lok pasar malam,only RM10!!;)
Micky's birthday party!
My buddies,I miss them so much.We seldom shopping together after we all started college life.
Fuitheng's birthday party.


Nanako said...

Hai..may I know whats the name of your kitty theme?I found it for so it from cydia?and can you teach me how you make you springboard like tat?

KmAey.Wawa said...

Nanako:i downloaded from cydia,called frank hello kitty!the springboard i dunnoe how to make like that,cause my friend help me to setting one=)

Nanako said...

Ok..thx for your are so nice=)