Saturday, June 25, 2011

OO'S photo-shooting

Had busy schedule for tomorrow.I will going for Sunway and Talenttime night with oo's finalist. I should faster to blog and get some rest now.=)

Well,it seems so fast time has passed.Its already the seventh weeks in oo's life.Orientation odyssey 2011 is coming soon!Only still have two weeks to go!
24th May 2011,had a photo-shooting with OO finalist.We made up before start shooting at Celebre's studio,Kepong.I'm so sorry because I'm late to go there.All finalist almost finished their make up and hairdo while I reached there.Arhh!They already took a lot of nice pictures when I just start to make up= ="

I surprised when I saw all of them had a heavy make up.Really very different than before.
Gosh!I hate this picture so much!But... I still wanna to post it out to frighten you all=P.Actually my eyes looked down to touch my phone lah.
Junhann became hairstylist on that day also!Mmm..his skills really not bad lor=)

Joann and Jun Yong.They looked so funny and cute in this picture!haha.
Program Designer and Finalist.
Female Finalist 

 Took a couple pose before move to indoor studio.

After that,moved to indoor studio for shooting at Cheras.Before start the shooting,the photography taught us how to pose like a model for photoshoot.

My Personal Poster hang up in the conspicuous places at Tarc college for a few weeks.Hmm..really abit shy when saw my big poster hang at there.wuahaha!Okie's already 1.18am.byebye.


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