Tuesday, July 12, 2011

12-07-2011 Five days More.!


I am a blogger who always spent a lot of time to blog even a very short post.So sorry to all of you because there's not much time to blog right now.I really very b-u-s-y for training in this few weeks.Training time of oo has been extended till 11.30pm in everyday.So means that I always reached home from college around 2AM.However,I very enjoyed  and delighted during the training process with oo finalist .We are having rehearsal at college hall in this week.NO MORE dancing room again.Time speeds up as you're enjoying the process. I think almost everyone says this is true right??I can't imagine my life without oo's training after actual night! My life will turn back to normal and my life become boring and emptiness.Arhhhhh!!How to make time slow down????

 I came back from BANGKOK yesterday and I had an amazing time.It was a much more than a good holiday because I really enjoyed with my friends.Thai girl was so beautiful and looked like Korea girls.Hmm..I will blog about it soon after oo night!

Tarcians,don't forget click attending if you get the tickets!!See you guys soon!

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