Sunday, July 17, 2011

Orientation odyssey night LA MODE 2011,it's finally over!!

  When I woke up today,I saw Joann and Reena slept beside with me and I felt like I just had a very nice and sweet dream last night.Orientation odyssey 2011 is finally over.After two months of training and rehearsals with the cast and crew,I find myself missing everyone terribly now that the show is officially over. I miss those moments we had before. The laugh we shared,the talks we talked,act funny,sang and hug together.I used to be a lot of fun,even pressures and tensions in the training now look to be fun.Not only that,I used to stay at canteen 2 or went to Mcdonald's with finalist before walk to dancing room for training.All those moments can only be the past of our life.

  I want to appreciated for all PD and committees.I packed away much knowledge from this event,including confidence,speaking,acting,dance and so on.I still remember that you all came to help me when I need help after TT night.I was really moved.After actual night,I have to think of what to do after class,because before actual night we're always packed with training and nothing else.I always text them after class where we gather together later. Now,I will be more focus on my studies since I had lots of homework that have not done yet. I have to come back to my usual life yet.However,I won't forget all my oo's friends,we can still dinner together,chitchat together.

  Before end this post,I want to thanks for good show everyone,finalists,committees,ex-finalists and crews.Without you guys,the show won't go successfully.Good job!!!!!!!
=Ktar,Orientation odyssey night LA MODE 2011 was awesome!!=
I'm proud to said that"I'm the one for oo finalist,2011."!

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