Sunday, June 27, 2010

★Movie time The legend Is Born-IP Man★

Yesterday night 26th June 2010,we watched movie at MBO,Spark.
We had a dinner before watched movie.

Without make up.

My sister and her boyfriend.

Zefent and Kenny.

After that,sister and I went to grandma house for a while.
Yah,my grandma house nearby the Spark only.

My little cousin sister.Both of them very cutie de lohx.


The legend Is Born-IP Man is a great movie.

It focuses on the early life of IP Man.
First time actor To-Yuhang portrays the younger IP Man.He really looks like Donnie Yam leh!
I remember that her wife is taller that the Donnie Yam in the IP Man 2 right?But this movie,her wife still smaller than her husband.

We watched the midnight movie,12.30am.
I fell asleep in the cinema again!!

Luckily,I didn't miss the last part.XP

My L license photo.In fact,I'm not shoot in the photography studio.
Eewaka helped me took a picture and I edit the background.
After that,Wilson helped me to print it out.
Teehee,this idea was copy from Eewaka .

Saturday, June 26, 2010

★Last day-Melaka trip★

Sunday 6th June 2010
(carmen,Rocky,Zefent,Shaoyer,Kok Huei,Egg,Eewaka and I)Eight of us were woke up in the early.After wahed up,we went for morning breakfast.There were only 3 set choose from,porridge set,nasi lemak set, and Amerian breakfast.

Finished the breakfast,we got back to our bungalow and started cleaned up our luggage. We didn't go anywhere on this day,because we must return to Serdang before 4pm,because Carmen and Alex were going to Australia at the night.

I am a hair stylist.Lohx..
At the same time,we take some photos before check out.

The handsome guy,Rocky joined our self-shoot time.

My buddy,Eewaka.

Rocky and me=)The Eewaka's frog joined us also XP!

Eewaka and Kmaey.

Rocky and Eewaka.

We were waiting them.

Around 12.00pm,we take a group photos before checked out.

so funny the
We headed to Malacca's city before back to Serdang for a while,because Lip want changed his things bought on yesterday.We were waiting at shopping mall's outside.

eewaka and me

My bangs arrrrrrrr....haiz...

IMP's trip,The END

Thursday, June 24, 2010

★2nd day-Melaka trip★

Hope you are enjoy to read it.I spent a few hours to done this post.Let's continue the last post..
Saturday 5th June 2010
The next morning,all of us woke up 10.30 in the morning and got ourselves washed up.
After dressed up,we took photos together before going to Malacca.


Eewaka and Me.
In the afternoon,we headed to town of Malacca.

Before going,Yeong's and Alex's Car♥

Our driver,Mr.Yeong.

Eewaka and I slept looks like a pig when on the way.
It took around an hour from A-famosa Resort to Malacca.In fact,to go to the Malacca of the journey is short,but the Malacca had too many traffic light.
We finally arrival the Malacca City.

We walked to the Jonker Street.

Firstly,we had our brunch at Famosa Chicken Rice Ball.


Photos again.
I had heard of the famous Chicken Rice Ball at Malacca for so many years,but I never ever try it before.

Waiting the food coming and didn't forgot to take some photos at there.

The rice made into round shape which make it looks like a big fish ball.

After the brunch,we walked to the Christ Church of Malacca.

Sister a.k.a Iyen and Me.

After visiting the church,we walked towards Taming Sari Tower.
Yes,walked again!In fact,I am always lazy to walk far.But walking with friends,I wont feel tired at all.However,the weather is damn hot,I couldn't enjoyed the moment and grumbled with Eewaka:"好鬼死晒啊!!"

Taming Sari Tower is 110 meters tall.
(I had did some homework before write about this post,Hahax.)

I can view of whole Historical Malacca City and a far with a host of interesting sights.
Eye on Malaysia and Selat Melaka.

Sigh,A lot of cars on that day.

We took this picture the moment before we're done with the ride.
The indoor had many air-conditioner,so let me I felt that more comfortable.

After that,we walked to shopping Mall(I forgot the name of the shopping Mall).We had rest at there for an hour.

We had a yamcha session at the Nadeje Cafe(A cake shop that famous with its Mille Crepe!!)
We had ask the people before,but they told us the wrong direction and let us walked whole shopping Mall to looks for this cafe.=="

Strawberry juice.


Zefent had been sleep when we were chatting.Hahax.

In the evening,we headed to Restoran Capital Satay.A lot of cars on that day,so we decided walked go to the restaurant again.This shop is very famous too,you'd be required to wait for quite some time.
Look at the line,we've been queued for 2 hour to get two table!!

I didn't cheat you,you look at the pictures carefully,when we're queuing the 6.30pm++when finally we get the tables,it has been changed to dark sky.
However,still many peoples behind us are waiting the tables too.
This was my first time attempt of satay celup too.

Nom..Nom..Look at how happy egg was.
One of the only thing I felt so angry,the restaurant had only 10++ tables.=="but their customers were waiting the tables had 70++ peoples.
Finished the dinner,we walked back to the Jonker Street .We took some pictures at there.The whole night was drizzling.

Had a fireworks on the night.

Around 11.00pm,we back to A-Famosa Resort.After removed make up,we went to swimming again!I still remember that day had a lot of stars.Very beautiful and romantic!

After swim,they almost all go to sleep already.Just left Shaoyer and Me watched tv at the living room.

Another tiring day had gone=)