Sunday, June 27, 2010

★Movie time The legend Is Born-IP Man★

Yesterday night 26th June 2010,we watched movie at MBO,Spark.
We had a dinner before watched movie.

Without make up.

My sister and her boyfriend.

Zefent and Kenny.

After that,sister and I went to grandma house for a while.
Yah,my grandma house nearby the Spark only.

My little cousin sister.Both of them very cutie de lohx.


The legend Is Born-IP Man is a great movie.

It focuses on the early life of IP Man.
First time actor To-Yuhang portrays the younger IP Man.He really looks like Donnie Yam leh!
I remember that her wife is taller that the Donnie Yam in the IP Man 2 right?But this movie,her wife still smaller than her husband.

We watched the midnight movie,12.30am.
I fell asleep in the cinema again!!

Luckily,I didn't miss the last part.XP

My L license photo.In fact,I'm not shoot in the photography studio.
Eewaka helped me took a picture and I edit the background.
After that,Wilson helped me to print it out.
Teehee,this idea was copy from Eewaka .


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is its MBO. It's nothing to do with its location at Kuching or anywhere else. MBO just sucks! flat SUCKS!!! I'm staying at KL. Just watched Transformers 3, like just now, at MBO Spark, Desa Petaling. Sound problem man... it was not muted, it's playing. But when you hear the sound, its like as though you were hearing it underwater with the sound amplified. How stupid is that. Me and some other guy went out to complaint, after a while they fixed the prob, but only for a short moment the sound went crazy again. I went out again and ask if they could get the sound fixed and rewind the movie for a bit. They couldnt because it will affect their movie schedule. So i asked if I could get a refund. She's like gladly accpeted my request as though she had been through this all the time with the customers. So I asked again, "Can you refund for all the others inside"?. She's making some face and turned away. So there I was 'trying hard' not to waste my time, finishing the movie in a cinema not worth watching. JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!???