Monday, June 14, 2010

★Waterfall @ Ulu Langat★

Sunday 29th May 2010
I went to waterfall at Ulu Langat with IMP group.
In fact,we plan gather at Kenny house about 8am.However,we're late!My sister and I woke up about 8am.

Baka Kenny designated fetch us to go the place.
It took about an hour to reach the destination-waterfall @Ulu langat.
We prepared before soak into waterfall.
(Unfortunately,a lot of self-shoot with my sister in the blackberry,but the blackberry got lost in the few days ago. )
This is a good place for a picnic.Rico prepared a lot of breakfast on that day.

The entrance.

Daddy and his son

My sister and me.

Not enough of sleep cause me having puffy eyes.hahax.

My hair obviously that I cut myself..

Now the children very childish de loh~hahaz

Started to move down.

I hold egg's hand to step into the waterfall.Suddenly,I accidentally slipped and Egg suffer together.

huhhh,soaking my feet into the chilly water.How relaxing.

The girls sat on the rocks and chit-chat.Meanwhile,the guys move here move there.
Had a great time to let us keep up a friendship.
After that,enjoyed our breakfast.

We went to public washrooms and bath before back to Serdang.
At night,after had our dinner at Serdang.
Yamcha at Funok!
Its is my lovely Sunday.

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