Monday, June 21, 2010

★1st day of A-Famosa Resort★

3 day 2 night vacation at A-Famosa resort and spending time together as IMP group.

Saturday 4th June 2010
We were looking forward at this trip for few months ago.We started our journey after school.I finished prepared and wait Yeong them came and fetch me.It took us around 1 hour 20 min plus drive from my home to A-Famosa.

My right hand side and left hand side.(eewaka & Kok huei)
Was given a bungalow lot 3082.

Group pictures with the girls.

Iyen and Mee.



The place is quite spacious well equipped a mini swimming pool at back.
After arrival and checking into hotel,we quickly changed a swimsuit and jumped into the swimming pool.

Before swim=)

Shaoyer and Me.
We enjoyed in the swimming pool.The guys very crazy!
Kok Huei,Yeong,shaoyer,and Rocky played a ball and the scene looks like the battle at the swimming pool.I kept laughing during the swimming session.
The water was warm,but after I stepped into the bungalow I was quite cold.beh tahan!

At the same time,Lip,Kenny and Zefent,Carmen started to prepared our dinner tonight.Luckily,I no need to do anything!Because the barbecue's place is too small and BBQ actually not allowed at here also.

After finished cooked all the food,we enjoyed the dinner together and used the small table.So hungry lohx!!


Eewaka and yan shui ar..
After that,all single ladies and gentlemen gathered in the room and chat together.Meanwhile,the couples watched television and drink alcohol at the living room.
During the midnight,we went out and yamcha together at the mamak.

All looks like so sleepy @@
In fact,the first day just very simple and we spent the whole time in the bungalow.
A lot of photos uploads in my facebook

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