Tuesday, June 8, 2010

★Jessie's birthday★

Pictures from eons ago!lol.
My sweetie a.k.a Eewaka finally return pendrive to me.In fact,I forgot about that day what I was doing on that day.Let's follow the photos and enjoy to read it:)

Jessie's 17th birthday Friday 7th May 2010
Unluckily,I was suffering from menstruation pain on that day.

Gather at Papparich at Equine park first before going.
I ordered a supper while we're waiting others guys.

Szai,A Ben and yaw joined us after that.

Papparich @Equine Park

Waiting... my supper to come!

I ordered a pappa Sausage Mee and had some hot soup.

Enjoying my supper.yum yum

We not forget to snap pictures.

After that,we adjourned to a cafe(I forgot the name of the restaurant) at Puchong.But unfortunately,the place are full!So,we were wandering around the Puchong.
Lastly,we decided to go Nyonya.

On the road.

eewaka and me=="
First time I stepped into this restaurant.This restaurant is very graceful environment.Meanwhile,the food is fantastic and the price is not expensive.

Chit-chat until 12am plus it's time to go home.

FuiTheng,Eewaka and Me!

My sweetie:)

FuiTheng and I.

These soap are free also,but I don't why.

She is my "mum" a.k.a Sharn.

Birthday cake was coming!

Birthday girl:)

Group photos^^

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