Saturday, June 26, 2010

★Last day-Melaka trip★

Sunday 6th June 2010
(carmen,Rocky,Zefent,Shaoyer,Kok Huei,Egg,Eewaka and I)Eight of us were woke up in the early.After wahed up,we went for morning breakfast.There were only 3 set choose from,porridge set,nasi lemak set, and Amerian breakfast.

Finished the breakfast,we got back to our bungalow and started cleaned up our luggage. We didn't go anywhere on this day,because we must return to Serdang before 4pm,because Carmen and Alex were going to Australia at the night.

I am a hair stylist.Lohx..
At the same time,we take some photos before check out.

The handsome guy,Rocky joined our self-shoot time.

My buddy,Eewaka.

Rocky and me=)The Eewaka's frog joined us also XP!

Eewaka and Kmaey.

Rocky and Eewaka.

We were waiting them.

Around 12.00pm,we take a group photos before checked out.

so funny the
We headed to Malacca's city before back to Serdang for a while,because Lip want changed his things bought on yesterday.We were waiting at shopping mall's outside.

eewaka and me

My bangs arrrrrrrr....haiz...

IMP's trip,The END

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