Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busy lately!

Been sooo-ooo-ooo busy lately! I haven't had much time to blog because I joined some event of coll and need to stay in college from morning till 9.00pm on weekdays.College life is fun!I admitted bad at time management with all the new and exciting activities and people to meet.However I'm still under a lot of pressure from assignment,exam and presentations.

Anyway,I will try update more about my college life after a few weeks.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Second day of Ipoh Trip.

Hello,peeps!Sorry for the hiatus,my college life started on this month.I'm too busy for studies so never got really post about second day after the first.Anyway,I started to blog now;)

25th April 2011,the second day in Ipoh.Early in the morning,after checked out we went to have Chinese-style satay and I think most of you know ipoh would famous for it.Because this skewered meat seasoned and i this is thus unsuitable for muslin tourists.No only that,we ordered 燉蛋,chu cheng fun noodles,and etc.I prefer 燉蛋,because it very fresh and smooth.
After that,we visited to an Ipoh tourist.We stopped aside and took picture at a small garden while the guys waited us in the car.
Only me:)
Yahuan and Kyan.They looked so cute.
However,there have a lot of mosquito so I quickly back to the car.

Then,we moved to temple.We climbed stair up through the mountain to a small pagoda at the summit.It ain't easy to climb up the top.We're sweating!!Luckily there have a little hut build allow visitors to relax themselves while enjoying the scenery of Ipoh.
Hwang,Ys Queen,Kyan,Kmaey,Esther,Niki and Vic Guan.
Y Y Y 
Wonderful view of the surrounding countryside when we finally reached at the top.

Afterwards,we went to visit .One of the architectural masterpiece stop at Ipoh.It is surrounded by a beautiful garden which serves charming for visitors.We had a rest inside at there.
Ipoh Rail Way station.
Kmaey,Kyan and Yahuan.
Kmaey and Yahuan.
Esther and Me :)
Ys looked so cute in this picture.
Vic Guan and Me;)
Y pose again.
Twins sister.
Kmaey and Vic Guan.Enjoyed the corn and coffee
Vic Guan.

The last tourist we visited,Kellie's Castle which is located near Batu Gajah.The ticket price is RM4/per person.The architectural is nice and no horror feeling of being there.Beside that,we saw a newly married couple doing outdoor shooting during we reached there.
Kellie's Castle,Ipoh.
View from the parking.
Started walked to Kellie's Castle.
According by Esther,the most of the ghost will appear in this corridor.  
Kyan and Kmaey.
= ="
The highest point of the entire castle.All addols looked like models in this picture. There no safety fences or barricades.But we drop that,there is a part where you could see practically everything .It's very high though.
Ys Queen.
Kmaey and Vic Guan.
After that,we went to have our brunch at Ipoh hometown.We ordered a lot of  food because it's cheap compare with KL's price.
Chu Cheong Fun.

We started went back to Kuala Lumpur around 6pm.Well,I was the driver on that day.Muahaha!Have a great short trip with @dd family.