Saturday, May 14, 2011

First day of the Ipoh Trip ♥

It's Saturday,do you have any plans today?How's the weather?Just pop into said hello to all of you!!hahas,I'm actually blogging my Ipoh Trip at this hour.Hmm..the main reason is I'm stay at home alone currently and felt so lonely right now,anyone wanna dating me out??

Turn back to my topic here.Our traveling date is from 24/4/11 and 15/4/11,two days one night and rest at ipoh town♥♥I will separate about this trip into two posts.Eight of addol and additor joined the travel,including: Esther,Ys,Kyan,Hwang,Vic Guan,Niki,Yahuan and me=)

It's 5.00am in the morning,and I woke up to get ready off journey to Ipoh.As you know that this would be my first time go trip with @dd family.I'm excited while I am waiting them to pick me up.They're late about 2 hours.because some reason. I had my breakfast in the car.We went there by Garmin GPS which was borrowed from Esther's friend.
Esther,Ys,Kyan and me.Three girls and a boy in a four wheels.Talk til we reched there;)
Ys Queen and Kmaey!
Kyan and Kmaey.
Reached there around 12pm if I'm not wrong.First official Ipoh stop at Tambun Lost World is located in the town of Ipoh.It is the second water @theme park in Malaysia it below the Sunway company.
Esther have four of the free ticket(In fact,she have eight of the ticket but she brought wrong ticket,so we need to pay  RM18 per person)
Ys Queen and Kmaey again!
Took a group picture before we go in!Started from right hand side -me,Kyan,Yahuan,Esther,Niki,Vic Guan Ys Queen and Kwang.

In fact,We did not enjoy because the weather was damn hot made us very tired.Besides that,there looked like less of the games of us to play.So,we just stay there not more then 3 hours.However,my sister told me there have a few of performers and a spa if we walk inside abit.OMG!So regret about that!

Checked in to our hotel and prepared out to dinner.
Who is he??Had a smelly socks!!ahaha!(I felt want to vomit when I am eating my lunch now!)
Dinner time.Ordered 怡保芽菜雞.I‘m too hungry after long journey. 
After dinner we back hotel to rest for a while.We played game in the hotel,it's so fun and made me laugh and non-stop.After that,we decided went to have our supper.I be their driver on that night,felt so proud!Hoho!

After supper,I followed ys and Hwang went to play pool.When we stepped into the poolroom.Ys said Hwang:"其實你會不會玩的?",Hwang took dunnoe for the answer.Then they just realized that both of them don't know how to play pool!hahas...
Hwang looked so handsome when he posed like this!
Finally Ys called Niki came to teach them.
We back to hotel around 11pm.We bought a cake to celebrate Esther's birthday and plan give a small surprised to her.However,it's fail because Esther know our plans because 12am.
They started crazy!!!
Finally they're drunk after Carlsbery.


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welcome to Ipoh! hehe :)

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