Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hair Models for A-Saloon.♥

Its time to updates.13th April 2011,Vic Guan and me had an opportunity be the hair models for the Amber Chia's program on Astro,家娛頻道.This was my first time as a hair model and luckily I wanna change a new hair style.Although we did not get any payment,but I could free for treatment,dying, cutting and digital perm by professional hair stylist,Taka,who was learn hair fashion at Japan,it's worth!

In the afternoon,Esther and vic guan came and picked me up to IOI Mall,Puchong.Thanks for Esther helped us to make up at MCD.Ordered Nuggets set for my brunch.Had a few of students took picture with Vic Guan while we're having brunch,so famous!

A-Saloon,IOI Mall,Puchong.
I took a lot of pictures with Vic Guan and Esther before we changed a new hair style.
Kmaey,Esther,Vic Guan.
Vic Guan and Kmaey.
Esther and Kmaey.
Said goodbye to my long bangs!Long bangs followed me almost a year edy.A most of people told me that I am not suit for long bangs and made me looked like aunt..Uhmm...I don't think so !T.T

We're having dinner at little pantry while waiting Amber chia coming.I love this place so much!The cutesy pink and white themed restaurant and this restaurant is apposite the A-Saloon.Even the waitress wear cutesss uniform to match the restaurant.
Little Pantry,IO1 Mall @Puchong.
Hair stylist,Taka and Kmaey
@ddol Vic Guan and Kmaey.
Additor Esther and Vic Guan.
Malaysia supermodel Amber Chia reached.This was my first time saw her real person also.She is tall and have a nice smile=) 
Shooting started.
Kmaey and Vic Guan

Amber Chia and Kmaey.Please ignore my hair,I just washed my hair before hair cut while she was rushing to leave from here.
Amber Chia and Vic Guan.

The progress for hair cut.My heart was pain when saw my bangs cut down and fall to the floor.

Made record for gave comments after the new hair style.
Taka,Hair stylist and Kmaey
Taka,Kmaey,Vic Guan and Esther(Vic Guan's Hair stylist).
Kmaey and Vic Guan.Pictures about Before and After.I love my short bangs but I still miss my long bangs at all.Hahas!Give me some comments please about the new hair style izit suit for us?

The End


XiaoBlur said...

more leng luii~

LingQii said...

i love ur new hair style
so so so so beautiful

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oww, pretty as owes♥
miss a chance to meet u at IOI =/

Serizawa said...

wah you look prettier <2

Selfish muii said...

new hair style more nicer=)