Sunday, September 25, 2011


Since I download instagram for free on my iPhone,I can update and share my real life anytime and anywhere through a series of pictures with the world!!It is a fun and simple way to share gorgeous photos on my iPhone.

So don't forget add my instagram in your list,kmaey
By the way,another way for who don't use the app u still can see my instragram photo on the web,pls go to:
♥A short post for today.bye!Gonna to save some pictures from instagram to my comp for the next post.

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6-08-11.My lil counsin birthday & Zouk

6th Aug 2011,Celebrating my lil cousin's birthday at grandma house.Surprised that Christine followed us to my grandma house also.She really looked like my "boyfriend" since we always stick together recently.
My little cousins and their family.

 My big big family.

 Watching TV with my cousins.

 After that,I went to party rock at Zouk,Phuture with my friends.It has been a long time since my last clubbing.
Dress up pretty at grandma house.I loved my makeup on that night.
 Christine and Me.
Reached zouk.Kin,Kmaey,Iyen,Egg,Christine,yuhong's cousin, San Liew.
The club was so full that we're jammed in and can not move.
Sexy dancers,so HOT!!

"I wanna see you move move shake shake now drop (what your momma say)"
Christine,EGG & Kmaey
crazeeee party people.
Love these pictureee!I shall practice to big smile..haha!!
Party Rock!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


好久沒來更新了 怎麼我就是沒那種勁來我的部落格呢?是時候好好打理我的部落格了
最近發生的事情還蠻多的 不知不覺 我3個星期的sembreak 就要告一段落了 好不捨得我的假期啊
這個假期的確然我過得好充實 忙於工作 認識到好多不同的人
我真的好不想開學啊 怎麼辦 我不想讀書 我的腦最近真的變遲鈍了 不想弄腦的感覺

 好了來段小更新  和我的姐妹們一快去雲頂遊玩 當然我們還是像以往一樣搭巴士上 雖然大家都有了車牌 但是還是新手 當然沒有哪個膽駕車上咯 畢竟很危險

Theme park hotel check in;) 這就是我從小到大的好朋友啦!雖然大家都不同學校了 不過我真的好懷戀和他們一起上學的感覺!如果長關注我部落格的朋友 對他們的樣子應該不陌生吧

拍到我好肥 T.T 
然後就去玩BOWLING了 沒錯 這是我第一次玩bowling 以前一路來都這個玩意沒有興趣 只是看而已。不過這次第一次玩的感覺好不錯的說!

Startbucks time;)♥♥♥
 這一晚彷彿大家的酒量都好比以往好了  好記得以前的瘋狂 大家喝醉後都乖乖睡覺去了
 我很享受跟他們一起旅遊的感覺 也許畢業後大家都往不同方向走了 但我相信 他們的位置 誰也代替不了
 尤其是這位可愛的小姐,Xtin Lim.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My hair getting lighter and damaged.;(

23th July 2011(Saturday),I decided to have dinner & shopping with oo family.I was so glad to meet them again after oo night.I miss them a lot a lot;(

We met at KimGary,Pavilion.It is an easy place to meet.Thanks to Gabriel fetch me to Pavilion.Seriously,I absolutely hate to drive after I study at tarc!I admitted that I'm a lazy driver and I'd much rather have somebody drive me around than drive myself.

So,if someone wanna dating me I will really hope that you can fetch me from my house!LOLX;)

We arrived pavilion around 1pm like that.We're having our lunch,while I called sebastian by skype.He told us sick like hell and so that can't to come join us.
Kmaey,Joann and Jefferd.
Michael and Me.I love her smile so badly♥
Joann and Me.
We just keep walking without any propose there from pavilion to starthills,farenheit 88,lot 10,sungai wang and times squares.
Snapping pictures outside pavilion for Denise's coursework.

Joann,Juno,Kmaey,Jefferd,Michael,Evan,Denise and Garial.
After a few moments,suddenly its raining.It was raining without notice.Oh my gosh!It was really heavy!!Then we went into starhills to take shelter from rain.Hmm..actually this is my first time stepped into Star hills!
It really very high class shopping area in KL city center.The decoration are very unique and special.
Reena join us finally!After that,we ordered chattime at times squares and chatting together to spend our time!

Dinner time at Shabu One,Steamboat Buffet, 3rd floor,Lot 10.
Shabuone's special price list.
Student price only RM19.99++.Don't forget to bring your student ID card to get your student price!If I'm not mistaken,you could show your IC card if you are under age 18.♥♥♥
There are more than 100 varieties of seafood,drinks,desserts and so on. 
oo finalists!
Only four of us.
My darlings,Kmaey ,Reena and Joann.
Ex-oo finalist+PD, SOO & Denise.
Photography for oo, Sojn.

My pretty girl,Joann

Soo,OO's King,2010.

FuiMeng.ex-finalist also;)

Took a group pictures before go to third round.

The end ♥♥Had a great dinner with them.