Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bangkok Trip 080711-110711

I really felt uncomfortable for the whole bangkok's trip because the bangkok's weather DAMN hot!!!!It was HOT!and HOT! and HOT!I hate sunny days seriously!I hate to walk under the hot sun.Not only is the weather too hot but it also will makes my skin darker and darker;(I prefer to go at night at Malaysia when the sun has set to avoid the heat of the day.
 I went to bangkok with this two guys and we all met at Bangkok at different time;)

Over all, I could sum up my Bangkok trip in one word,it would be SHOPPING. Although my feet was hurt,the shopping must still on.I din bought so much at BANGKOK and spent around RM1500 inclusive hotel and airfare.

We went to the place by tuk-tuk,the three wheels taxi car or taxi!  
 Please be careful before going boarding tuk-tuk at Bangkok! 

Remember negotiate with tuk tuk driver before boarding.So far there have many tourists have being cheated by tuk tuk driver.Especially this resturant-soomboodee seafood!

We went to a fake joint called somboondee Seafood market.We told the taxi driver we want go to "Somboon market",but the driver show us the newspaper to tell us the place held demonstration.He recommend us go to the same restaurant while they gave us the lower taxi price also.

When we reached there,I saw the place looked like dingy and the table has been arranged for us.Suppose totally different from what I expected.The service staff attitude was fucking SUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!At the same time,the food was freaking expensive so that we just ordered a little bit seafood.When we finished our dinner,the taxi price change back to normal price.WTF!!

So make sure you are at the right restaurant!
 I super lazy to manage those pichas!.I felt so hard to introduce about bangkok place cause I don't know the name of the place actually;(I try my best to write the name of the place but please don't blame me if I make mistakes.If not please check yourself if you interested lah;P

We went to Chinatown at the first day of the night

Sorry,I really don't know where is the place.HAHA!All the pictures are about me at bangkok for four days and three night trip.

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