Sunday, September 25, 2011

6-08-11.My lil counsin birthday & Zouk

6th Aug 2011,Celebrating my lil cousin's birthday at grandma house.Surprised that Christine followed us to my grandma house also.She really looked like my "boyfriend" since we always stick together recently.
My little cousins and their family.

 My big big family.

 Watching TV with my cousins.

 After that,I went to party rock at Zouk,Phuture with my friends.It has been a long time since my last clubbing.
Dress up pretty at grandma house.I loved my makeup on that night.
 Christine and Me.
Reached zouk.Kin,Kmaey,Iyen,Egg,Christine,yuhong's cousin, San Liew.
The club was so full that we're jammed in and can not move.
Sexy dancers,so HOT!!

"I wanna see you move move shake shake now drop (what your momma say)"
Christine,EGG & Kmaey
crazeeee party people.
Love these pictureee!I shall practice to big smile..haha!!
Party Rock!!!!


Anonymous said...

your face super white!!! Jane

Jessica2511 said...

I also feel that ur foundation doesn't suit ur skin color. :)

Anonymous said...

You don't look pretty all the time...

Anonymous said...

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