Monday, September 5, 2011

Orientation odyssey night 2011,LA MODE.♥

It's time to update about the orientation odyssey night 2011,LA MODE.oo night held at Tunku Abdul Rahman College,College Hall,16th July 2011(Saturday).Through  journey 2 months of oo tranning,the actual night finally arrived.

Last time of warm up before the oo night start.
After I joined oo,I became a muscle girl.The main reason that I warmed up and stretched at least 15 mins.Meanwhile.I must drunk chocolate milk and ate bread everyday.I took a medicine for conditioning menstruation functions everyday. 

I gained 5kg in these few months! So....I not the "Thin Girl" anymore!

 Poster poster!!! 
Preparing at back stage.

Jefferd and me.
Thanks for my friends and family who attended to support me.ALIGATOOO!
 The opening performance by finalist and Michael.
Finalist introduction and Catwalk show.
KanKan Dance.(The first dance I learnt during the tranning)

Drama part.

I was creaming like tiger .(Seriously,I have no courage to do it during training and wanna to give up many times in my mind .but finally i did it in front of 2 thousand people!!I felt very proud for myself.Weehee*)
Group singing-Way back into Love.The worst performing during that night.Very sorry about that because we cant get the mic for singing during the rehearsal.This was the first time we're using the mic at stage and we don't know how to control it properly.
 My partner,sebastian and me.
Bridal catwalk show.
Final performance(dance+catwalk) by ex-finalists!!
Group Dancing (on the floor) by ex-finalists and finalist'2011.

Sounvenir and prize presentation.
 Most Popular:F3 Kmaey.
The OO King and Queen,(Junhann and Reena)2011.  
 Finally oo night officially the end!!
 At this moment,almost all finalists were crying like baby.

Lastly,I can't say thank you enough to all the sponsors,PD'S,committees.Thank you so much for a successful event.Besides that,I would like to special thanks to my friends who attended the actual night and support me.I extremely gam dong when I heard that they shouted out my name and non-stop at the hall.

I want to say somethings for you all,say from my soul.
从不后悔参加这个那么棒的活动 这个活动使我改变得很大。
你会知道举办主办一个活动不容易 不是个人就能办到的事
大家都没有在乎赢输 我只知道大家都在害怕表演不好的场面
你会和oo finalist一起
大笑 当在一起玩游戏的时候
哭泣 当学业压力和表演一起冲着来的时候
生气 当达不到自己想要的水准
当我知道这一切当要画上句号的时候 我心真的会痛 因为的确习惯了

如果你明年来读拉曼 不妨参加吧!!真的会使你的人生添加了色彩!