Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Monday 8th Mar 2010
Under the cooperation,my class(5 Lili 1) get champion in the Chinese year arrangement.
I finally understand this truth,(unity is strength)
copy from Wai leng...teehee

Just taken some photos with my classmates on that day.
and share to my reader.

Kmaey and Sho po..^^

Me,without lens in this day.

We're pride and happy in this competition.
Love ya!
short post.go to makan segara.^^

Sunday, March 28, 2010

★Wedding dinner★

Oh My God!!
I pressed the delete key by careless,cause my originally written post has been deleted!
Wat the Fuxk!
Gosh!suan le bahh...
write this post one more time bah.

7th Mac 2010
Followed IMP group attended Shao Yer's sister wedding dinner at"喜来登"

Whoa,I has been long time ago didn't attend the wedding dinner.
If I'm not mistaken,last time is when I was fifteen years old only.

Came back to my topic,
Was preparing at home first.


My sister and I.

After that,changed to Alex's car and headed to "喜来登"together.

Kmaey,Iyen and Kin.

Happened a small accident when on the way.
A car from the behind carelessly and hit the our car's rear.
Luckily just a little percussive force and we're fine!

We were late!
Our table placed very far away.

The decorations were so romantic.

but I felt that too many balloons and blocked our to watch the stage.

A lot of photos taken by kmaey♥

Alex and her girlfriend,Kin.

Rico and Kenny.

Lip and Iyen.

Vivien and Huei.

My sister and I.

Party started.


Iyen,Kmaey,Carmen and Rico.

Had a fun with them.

The guys.

Shao yer.

Rico and Me.

Jason and Me.

We played those balloons.

Group pictures.IMP group.

Hope the new-wedded couple happily forever ya!sweet~

By kmaey

Friday, March 26, 2010


Saturday 6th Mar 2010
My school,SMK SK'S sport day!

I felt that it's a glorious thing is my school every year also can let students design and make different teams of clothes.Meanwhile,each students will be discussed and talking about which teams is design the most beautiful.

In fact,I'm red team,but I bought a clothes of orange team.
because my friend is the leader of the orange team mar...

Come back to my topic.
Early in the morning,I was going to school.
Yap,this is my first time and also is my last time to attend school sports.
Expected sports day also is a rain day like usual.
Haiz,every year's weather sports day also will be raining=="

Without join any teams,just come and became an audience.
A lot of photos taken by Sheryl.

My friends,QM duty on that day.

still holding,although it was raining.

My brother joined the pengakap.


Craps hand...

the field have mud and rain water..
compound together..

My left face,leng mao?

Stupid girl...

her boyfriend.

My friends and me,nicole and Yleng

Yleng,my buddies^^

Sharn sharn,cuci kaki..

Tug of war,damn chi gek...
One of the teams must tumbled in a heap.

Lastly,Merpati is the champion.

Had a lunch with them before back home.
The end.