Thursday, March 25, 2010

★Happy birthday to Sharn!★

Happy birthday to Sharn.

Saturday 27th Feb 2010
Eewaka overnight night at my sweet house.
We were doing the birthday card to Sharn.
Very gan jiong,because we fear couldn't to finish it.

Egg came by around 11 ish in the morning before we headed to Sunway.
we headed to Sunway together,by taxi.
We had karaoke session at the redbox@Sunway Pyramid

Whoa,this room is quiet big!
This is my first time stepped into the luxurious rooms

In Front place.


Had a stage also.
We are very satisfied with this room,so good!XD

Jessie,Micky and Jyn come and join us also.
They were late.

We are busying singing^^
Finally,birthday cake was coming!

All my best friends!!

Group pictures.

got a beauty gang around my side.haha


Singing again...don't stop the music!haha!

Happy birthday,sharn sharn!

A lot of pictures taken at toilet.

I like this picha!

Kmaey is me!

Birthday's girl,sharn sharn a.k.a mummy

Eewaka,my dear friend!

Jessie very sexy today,looks like a foreigner:)

Egg and me!cuteee girl.

Maozai ak.a Fuitheng,my deskmate also.^^

Jyn and me,she is a gentle girl!right??

Micky and me!^^

Finished karaoke,yumcha session at Fullhouse,Sunway.

Egg's style.

Sweet couple:)

Jessie them back home early.

After that,we headed to Borneo Rainforest had a supper.
Wkk,tikus,tik and wilson joined us after that.

Make a wish again!

Unwrap present time!


Sharn sharn was cried already.haha~

Dear,big girl don't cry leh!Try to be strong!
didn't take much photos at there.
because the light was too dim.

Shoot at toilet with ewaka!

Sharn,hope you like it!

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