Tuesday, March 16, 2010

★BBQ & Movie★

I want faster to write about CNY article.
Although Chinese New Year passed long time ago,
but those all this my part of memory.
Friday 19th Feb 2010
Had a breakfast,"Dian Xin" at Serdang with IMP group.

After that,moved to Alex's house and karaoke and killed time.
The two young children,talked and played with me.

They said me looks like his aunt..=="

Night time,tik tik come and fetch us went to Seri Serdang and makan MCD
but I went to other side and bought KFC.
I prefer to eat KFC lohx...^^

Eewaka and WKK come and join with us.

Then,the guys get into snooker and girls sat at mamak chill.
We just gave them for 30 min only.

After that,WKK fetch us went to WKK's new house and karaoke at there.
Looks them,apa pose also come out.=="

At midnight,Egg and I went to Kok Huei's house and met IMP them.
也许他们今晚真的喝醉了,说的话语无伦次 =="

back home around 4am.
Saturday 20th Feb 2010
Early in morning,Kok Huei fetch us went to 三间庄 and had our breakfast.
After that,we visited Rocky's house.
The environment is very beautiful,looks like chalet.

Rocky's house

In the evening,gather at Fish's house
His mother didn't allow fish followed us.=="
keshian yer...

After that,went to Biao dee house first,secondly tik tik's house,then maozai's house.

This puppy so cute^^

Biao dee,Tikus kmaey and Tik tik at maozai's house.
3 handsome boys beside with me.haha
Lastly went to Eewaka's house and BBQ !

Actually I am not happy,because nobody is willing to listen to me..=="

But they sayang me after that..haha..

At midnight again,headed to kenny's house.
They don't want to back home,
because today is the last day they could chill at all night.

Sunday 21 Feb 2010
In the beautiful morning,yeong come and fetch me go to makan "淋面"with IMP group.
Sis and her boyfriend join with us after that.

Night time,caught movie at Alamanda with IMP group also.

''Little Big solder'' about duting the warring states of period at China.
and tells of three men and a horse.
Erm,I won't appreciate this kind of movie actually.

Genting post I still haven't get all the pictures.
so..please wait by patiently yar..

Updating soon:
fireworks,Weilin's house,Fish's brithday,dinner,sports day and...

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Sam Wong said...

yalo...long time ago just post CNY...However, u very enjoy and happy in CNY o...
This movies I heard many ppl said the movies is bad o...!!