Monday, March 8, 2010

★Chor 1 of 2010★

I miss my bloggggg so much...T.T
Sunday 14th Feb 2010
Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine day

During the time is 12.00a.m midnight on 14 Feb 2010,
the fireworks was superb.
We could hear the sound and see some of neighbor were playing the fireworks everywhere.

How did I spend the first day of the Chinese New year?
Early In the morning,dress up and make up pretty.
After that,moved to living room take the angpau from my mum and dad.

After that,back to my grandma house.
Gong XI fA CAI!

on the way.
Kmaey,Iyen and Han.[my brother]

Finally,we're reached.My yoyo come together^^

My dad and mum

My dad and yoyo.cute doggg...

My grandma do the cooking and everyone gather and had the vegetarian food.
I dislike the vegetarian food,I felt very geli...
Gambling of a while with my aunt[my father's sister]

My grandma, a petite woman.

Iyen and me.

About 12.00pm,headed to mother's side there.
My mother's side is a big families.

Many relatives gather at here.

Long finger.very "K Ying"

Apa pattern?my dad and bro=="

a lot of lucky sentences came out from my mouth.
Take a lot of angpau just for a while.
HAHA...very excited.

Started to self-shoot in the room.

My cousin bro and me~

Sha po and me~

Then,we went to aunt's house with my family also.

My cute cousin.^^Piqi~~

Fake de lah...haha~

My partner.==

Night time,we didn't go anywhere.
very bored.
Lastly,we went to Squaks and
watched the Percy Jackson and The lightning Thief

Nice movie..
BUT.....I was sleeping at the cinema.
I don't know this movie talking about in the end.

It was raining already,haiz. Good bye yar...

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