Tuesday, March 9, 2010

★Chor 2 of 2010★

Monday 15 Feb 2010 Chor 2

It was a actually the second day of the Chinese New Year,
Early in the morning,went to grandma[my dad's side]house and had our breakfast first.

My daddy...
My cousin sis all came along.
Yeap,had a tons of the great time with them,because they are seldom come here.
They are become very pretty and mature.

Iyen,Kmaey ,youngest cousin[Jia Xin],Connie and A Xin
bawah tu is my bro=="

Somethings unpleasant things was happened.
My uncle,(my father's bro) didn't come and reunion.
I think everyone know the reason.
But,what can I do?I just a child.hahax...suan le bar...
It was the first time unhappy things happened on the CNY.

Moved to elderly house.my mom's side there.
Gossip with my sweet cousin.

Pretty girls.

We were talking about cases of rape and complain with those adult.
Girls,please dunwan alone waiting the bus.
Number of the rape cases is more and more.
It is very dangerous,do u know?

Take pictures again..


In the evening,visited my nanny house.
As a child,I was formed out to nannies.
Every year,they must talking about my scar.
I had a scar on my right hand because was bitten by my cousin.
If I'm not mistaken,the scar was very obvious and followed me about 15 year.
The main reason is I am a crybaby.teehee....

Eewaka said this picture very nice wor..haha..
but I don't think so...=="

Actually,I am very tired!

Back home and bath.

At night,went to my aunt house at kepong.

Played the card with my cousin,but we tak ada gamble.

If who one is the loser,shall be punishment >>wear underwear of the boy.
wahaha...damn funny and gan jiong at the time.
Finally,two person are the loser.
Guess who are in the photo?

So funny lah^^
Back home about 12a.m

Next post,genting with IMP.
alex,bila awak nak upload photos wor?aiyoryor~


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