Wednesday, March 10, 2010

★CNY Life Again★

Alright,short updates.

Will update Genting post,waiting the pictures.
Lexgor still haven't upload on facebook.><""

Wednesday 17th Feb 2010,Chor 4.

Rocky,Egg,and me overnight at Carmen's house from Genting around 6am.
We sleep together.
After bath and remove my make up,
Alex come down and gossip with us.
Rocky talked about his long boring story made me yawned.
Then,I tak boleh tahan already.
I slept first,but Egg and rocky still talking about their glory life=="
I sleep at 7.00am ,wake up at 9.00am
But both of them sleep around 10am.

Thank Carmen fetch me home^^
Afternoon,went to Dephy's house and had my lunch.
gossip with dephy...
Her boyfriend will visit later,make her very nervous and excited.haha

Back home and sleep for about one and half hours.
Then,sister called me woke up and dinner at Serdang with IMP again.

After that,visited Bryan house.Many people at his house.
Gambling again.Drunk again.

The very first time I won money in gambling,haha..
Just won lil bit only lah...
I felt very lucky in this CNY

Egg and me..My body figure looks like very fat and strong.
photo without make up
so ugly lah..

After that,yamcha session at mamak.
Lacking of sleep!very tired ar...

Next post.pop pop poppy....

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