Saturday, March 20, 2010

★Chilled at Genting★

It has been long time ago,
Tuesday 16th Feb 2010.
Chilled at Genting after visited dephy's house on a Tuesday night with IMP group.
Had a dinner at MCD and gather at there first.
Carmen,rocky,Egg and me same in the same car and yeong fetch us.
Rocky very noisy in the car lohx.

Reached the around 11am,if I'm not mistaken.
Almost all the parking fulled already, we were very not easy to find the parking.


Great night!

Sweet couple?^^

At Highlands resort,right??

Kmaey,Rocky and Egg

The guys and I.

Dua budak!

Lex gor!

Egg and me

Group pic!

We moved to ourdoor and jalan-jalan.


Nice simile:D

That one is me,haha
Thick fog,strong wind.
fucking cold!tak boleh tahan!

After that,yumcha session at mamak.

That Egg ar,always played the food.
campur ini and campur itu.=="
Make the food became very sick.OMG~

Then,we headed to first world.

Whoa,rocky looks like very tall wor..haha
we sat on the benchand just in front of the pizzahut.
chit-chated at there also.

Down the hill around 5am.

It's real exhauted!But I very enjoy it!

Next post,Fish's birthday party!

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