Wednesday, March 24, 2010

★Exam exam Exam★

Add Maths,History,and BC exam today,
These subject also sucked.

I so hard to try to do all the questions.

About history,

It just had 25 of objective questions and 2 structured questions.
I'm sure many people felt very easily.
I means if you have do a revision lah..

about Hwang Ho and Gerak??
Apa itu?memang tak dao~

About Add maths,

is okay lah, my tuition teacher said:"不会做add maths是正常的嘛!"
I won't to do 2/5 questions.haha..
I think I will get the bad marks in this exam.
Suan le bahh..

Try the best in the next time:)

I haven't update finish about my Feb post.
zha dao=="

Coming up:BI,Acc,maths tomorrow.

gonna revision later.

Wish me luck,friends!

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