Saturday, March 13, 2010

★To Faker..★

To Faker,016-69287××:

If you want to redeem your phone.
Please delete all the blog and facebook NOW!
[I means not just close it only]

If not,please don't wishful you can get back your phone.
AND,please don't acting your mum and call here.
you could come to school and find us with you mami.
I will be tell your mum about all things what do you do on internet!
I'm serious.
Well,we won't take your phone to sell.
because we just wanna meet with your real person.

Actually,you are very lucky.Do you know?
If other person lost his phone and pick up with someone.
Maybe that man will not return to you already.

While,I hope you can understand my meaning.

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yuncas said...

nvm la ~ this show u very famouse ~