Friday, January 29, 2010


On the 17 th Jan 2009p[sunday],
Headed to Jackie's house for a while with my sis in the morning.
I was waiting for her to dressed up.
At the last minutes,I decided followed with then went to shopping at Sunway.
After that,my sis fetch me back home and dressed up quickly.

I just used eyeliner and BB cream to make up only,because no enough time.

On the way...

Parking place was almost fulled already,we hardly to find out a parking place.
Had a drinking session at ICIBAN before start shopping.

Iyen and Jackie.

In the end,I just bought a bottle use at school only..XD
because I gonna be save some money into my bank.
Since I started part time job,I know that earn money is not easy...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last Saturday was 16th Jan 2010,
eewaka and me went to Sg.Wang for magazine interview a model job.
I woke up around 8 am and got all ready to go there.
Damn tired man~

Waiting for Eewaka come my home.

We went to by LRT and kelvin(eewaka's bro) followed us.
It was a first time I go to in the early morning.
Still many store haven't open.
We headed to 6th floor and met the director.
After shooting,had my breakfast and chat with them.
Ester is a nice girl^^

Said goodbye with them and started shop.
Just both of us.
Her's brother went to Karaoke with other people.

But in the end eewaka bought nothing and I just bought two clothes.

Back home around 3pm.
Oopppss..this was my first time back home so early too..:)

Suddenly,got a pek(actually he looks like young boy) stealthily to snap both of us.
while that a pek just stood in front of me I sat on chair and sms to someone
Then,He used his phone from the above to snap down.
Eewaka looked at him and told me quickly.

Then he ran away and walked out from the train.

Brainless $^%^$&

Monday, January 25, 2010


I just wanna say Hi to my readers^^

Go to tuition later,wait me back...
Good bye!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

★After school@The Mines★

Say Hi to anyone...
because I has been loooong time didn't renew my blog..
All things changed to normally and I extremely busy now...
The height of homework like a mountain...too many...LOHX..
My school life started has been three weeks fast...
Sejarah,moral values,add maths....those subjects on the edge of the danger.
but I improving now...

Okay..STOP crapping,let me talks about last week...
Friday 15th Jan 2009
Egg Sharn and Maozai and meeee...
We went to The mines after school.
school uniform

nowadays my forehead grew up a lot of pimples and my nose same also!GISH*

Taken lunch at KFC,but I brought a chicken fried rice at there.

We just walked around and I went to met my colleague

adjourned to MCD sat for a while...
After that,Loon came and fetch me back home and tuition..


Saturday, January 16, 2010

★Egg's birthday party again★

Monday 11th Jan 2009
At night,I had an account tuition with my lovely Eewaka^^

It is her first day join our class...

After tuition, I went to FUN OK at Cheras for Egg birthday celebration again.

Just ordered strawberry soda,because I had been ate my dinner before.

This guy..Mr.rocky.
His "shyness" made me laugh out loud.
and I really had fun with them:)

birthday cake is coming...
Not forget to wish the birthday girl once again.

Happy birthday to you...^^

After the cake-cutting session,
Snipping time!

Zefent,why your head between that couple...?==

Group picture.

Jason and Egg

Carmen and Egg

Iyen and Lip

Kenny Egg and Rico

Egg,Iyen and meeee..

I'm very sleepy now...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

★Egg's birthday party★

I want to wish Happy birthday to my bestie a.k.a EGG.
Let me give your big kiss first!Muaks

Saturday 9th Jan 2010





We celebrated Egg seventeen years old birthday party was held at Riverside.
Actually, we planned held at Mewar club@kajang,but last minute egg message to me and said that is was changed place already because no enough transport.Ahyor!!

Around 7.00pm,Loon came and fetch me headed to The Mines.
After that,met up them and moved to riverside.

We are the most early reached there.

Dress up casually today..

Although the light looks abit imbalance,but i still like this picture.

I went to toilet for make up,because my face look like very haggard

Amelia and meeeeeee

Others people and Eewaka reached late.
It was separated into two group.
Adult group.

and children group.

Next,random picture.

Eewaka sharn Kmaey Egg

My left side is Egg and right side is Sharn and Eewaka.

My besttt friends^^

Ordered my favorite supper.

order by Kok Huei.

Enjoyed my supper.delicious..^^

AHHH!,finally!The birthday cake is coming.

Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday to you...

Egg,over already loh..XD

Make a wish.

I've got pretty girl around me!jealous bor?^^

sweet girls

Last one,group photo.Wah...massive of people.

present for you

My girls...

Second round,yumcha session with Alex them.
They are very funny,especially Rocky who is the most handsome guy.==
Back home around 1.00am

I noe all my posts are too late,so I skiped somethings。
Finally...I spent a few hours to edit this post..huh..