Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last Saturday was 16th Jan 2010,
eewaka and me went to Sg.Wang for magazine interview a model job.
I woke up around 8 am and got all ready to go there.
Damn tired man~

Waiting for Eewaka come my home.

We went to Sg.wang by LRT and kelvin(eewaka's bro) followed us.
It was a first time I go to Sg.wang in the early morning.
Still many store haven't open.
We headed to 6th floor and met the director.
After shooting,had my breakfast and chat with them.
Ester is a nice girl^^

Said goodbye with them and started shop.
Just both of us.
Her's brother went to Karaoke with other people.

But in the end eewaka bought nothing and I just bought two clothes.

Back home around 3pm.
Oopppss..this was my first time back home so early too..:)

Suddenly,got a pek(actually he looks like young boy) stealthily to snap both of us.
while that a pek just stood in front of me I sat on chair and sms to someone
Then,He used his phone from the above to snap down.
Eewaka looked at him and told me quickly.

Then he ran away and walked out from the train.

Brainless $^%^$&


Anonymous said...

wah.. bcaful ya..
so pretty until always get other ppl snap...

~ying 的专殿~ said...

is that sell lens de ester??