Saturday, January 9, 2010


Sry,I no mood for blogging recently.Actually I online everyday.

Thursday 31 Dec 2009

This time I spent with my buddies again at the last day of 2009 year.
After knock off,they came and fetch me went to Sungai Long to had our dinner.
I don't know the name of the cafe.
If I'm not mistaken,that restaurant is used a cow head to do their theme.

I ordered my favorite mushroom chicken and Longan

After dinner,the six young girl adjourned to Mewar Club@Kajang.
See that,too many people were waiting for seat.

Omg,I want to used"people mountain people sea" this word again.

So,we decided to changed place.

I suggested to Sunway countdown,rejected.
but I insisted that go to fetch my bestie eewaka and countdown together.
ON! wahaha.

Finally,we reached eewaka's place but that time just last five minutes.

so we countdown at there.


Happy New Year!

We very excited!

After that,we decided went to Tikus's house at the later time's.
Next round,yumcha session at serdang there.

we talked a lot of nonsense.

back home around 3am. I am very happy in this few days,
because I spending a lot of time hang out with my buddies this few days.

Sorry,if I make you all angry or pissed off.

Happy new year!everything back to normal and simple.

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