Wednesday, January 6, 2010

★Party of Christmas ★

Christmas 25th Dec 2009
After knock off,Eewaka and her's bf come over my place picked me up then headed to eewaka house for Christmas party.
I am the most late reached there,almost all the food and dessert has eaten.
just left curried chicken,fried chicken,fired rice noodles,watermelon...etc.

After had my dinner,moved to eewaka's room.
All my buddies were playing in her room.

Those boys started fooling around there,wear a dress and cat-walk.Especially TIKUS
His performance made me laugh-out loud.HAHA!

Then,Fish suggested go to ate kajang satay.

Enjoyed our food and chit-chated there.

Third round,we back home and enjoyed fake spa again!
extremely cool...really beh tahan!

Around 3am,we were lying on the bed chit-chated again.

I'm going to bed early because tomorrow still have a job,but they too noisy ,that I couldn't sleep.
Actually I just close my eyes to rest while I listened wat are them talking about.
Totally,I didn't sleep at whole night.

Next day,I headache while I working.
I first time didn't sleep until morning.fucking tiring!

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