Sunday, January 3, 2010

★Genting Trip-Last day★

Sorry guys,I still insisted on to continue about the Genting trip.

Saturday 19th Dec 2009
all the phone alarm clock ringing and non-stop,because that parkin help us to set all the alarm and one by one.
We were woke up in the early.
Well,obvious this way is very effective.

All of sudden,Sharn was came from next room and sleep on the floor.
Then she said us "all of you very noisy let me couldn't to sleep lah"

I dressed up at my sister's room,because our room is not enough bath room.
Quickly cleaned up my luggage because it was not enough time already.
i without make up today because of my laziness.

Waited all of them cleaned up their luggage while I cooked noodles and drink white chocolate for my breakfast.They still slowly to packed.

Around 12.30pm,we checked out.My luggage put on my sister's car.

We walked to first world and yamcha at Starbucks for coffee.
Actually,we went to Starbucks to pass time while waiting for 4.30pm bus.

Tikus look like darn tired.

mocha balanced.

After chilling in starbucks,it's time to go home!
Then,eewaka's bf came starbucks and fetch her back home.
She abandoned us..T.T

Say goodbye to Genting.we went down the hill by cable car.

When we get in to cable car,suddenly got a woman occur and sat with us.
so that tikus and nick cannot sit with us.
After that,she scold the photographer also.WTF!
we quarreled with her in the carble car.
I almost will start to fight with her

Around 6.00pm,we reached Kl central.
she headed to KFC and chatting at there.
I don't want to leave.

I watched those video about genting trip.
Those video touched into my heart.
Although it was passed too long ago,but it had a lot of laughter and memories that will never be forgotten.

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